Bree was bullied and picked on all her life but now that she met Niall Horan, will that all change?


2. Who Are They?

Jessica's P.O.V

I picked up my phone and dialed Bree's number.

"Want a ride to school?" I asked.

"I guess, drive slow, I don't want to be in that Hell hole any earlier then usual." I chuckled.

I went into my walk in closet and picked out one of my favorite outfits. I put on my purple shirt that had "Jessica" written on it in sparkles, I also put on my black skinny jeans that had rips in them. To top it all off I put on my black wedges. Then I walked into my bathroom.

I put on a light layer of foundation and a little bit of black mascara. I don't wear much makeup.

"That's what makes you beautiful!" My ringtone went off on my phone. I clicked the green answer button.

"Are you coming?" Bree questioned.

"Yeah, I'm getting into my car now." I hung up. I grabbed my purse and put my phone in there. I ran downstairs and toke my keys off of the table. I got into my car and drove to Bree's house to pick her up.


Bree's P.O.V

"Finally you're here!" I said as I jumped into the front seat of Jessica's car. She turned on the radio and that band was on, they're so annoying!

"Oh my god that band is so annoying." I stated.

' "That Band" Has a name." She replied. "One Direction."

"As if I care?" We got to school and we headed to our first class; History.

"This class is so boring" I whispered to Jessica. "Like who cares about these people, they're already dead."

"Bree," Mr. Warren said. "Could you repeat what I just said?" I stood up.

"Umm..uhhh" I tried to think of something. Everyone was laughing at me.

"Exactly what I thought. You may sit down."

"Two hours later*

The bell just rang so it's lunch time. Jessica and I walked into the cafeteria and sat down at a table by ourselves.

"I would like to make a announcement." The principal called throughout the students in the cafeteria. "We have a few new students who are going to be coming to this school." And as he said that five incredibly good looking guys walked into the cafeteria.

"Who are they?"  I asked Jessica. She looked at me like I was stupid.

"That's One Direction!" When she said there name the guy with black hair looked at her. "Oh. My. God. He looked at me!"

"Are you serious? No wounder you obsess over them, they're perfect!" Every girl was getting up out of there seats talking to them but they really didn't seem like they wanted to talk to them.

"Alright students, back to your lunches." Mr.Warren said. The five boys walked around looking for a place to sit. Every girl was trying to get the five boys to sit by them but they didn't seem interested.

"Sit by me" One girl shouted.

"No sit by me!" Another girl shouted back. I'm guessing there was no where else for them to sit so they came and sat by us.

"Hey gorgeous!" The blonde one said. I, assuming he was talking to another girl toke another bite of my sandwich.

"I was talking to you." Blondie said. Yeah, I decided on calling him Blondie.

"Me?" I asked in a state of shock.

"Look at Bree, sitting with them like they would actually like her." I heard someone say.

"Yeah I was talking to you, beautiful" He replied.

"Thanks Blondie." I said as I blushed. "I'm Bree and this is Jessica." I announced pointing towards Jessica who was sitting beside the guy with black hair.

"Well you probably already know all of our names." Blondie replied.

"No, not exactly." I whispered.

"WHAT?!" Curly shouted causing people to stare. "Well I'm Harry, that's Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall." Harry added; I think that's his name.

"Well I have to go." I called towards the five guys as Jessica and I ran out of the cafeteria. One girl had her leg out and I, not looking, tripped over her leg and fell face down to the floor. I got up, my face red from embarrassment, grabbed Jessica's arm and left the lunch room.

A/N What do you think about this chapter, it's a bit longer. Should I continue? 

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