Bree was bullied and picked on all her life but now that she met Niall Horan, will that all change?


3. Here's My Number

Jessica's P.O.V

"What's wrong with you?" I asked Bree as she was pulling me out of the cafeteria. The bell rang before she replied. We walked back to class and sat down in our normal seats, in the back of the room. We had Mrs.Hoe. She taught us math. As she was teaching the intercom interrupted her. We call her "Mrs.Hoe" because he first name sounds like a stripper name; Candy. 

"We will be getting out of school early today." Everyone cheered. 

"Okay, every-" Mrs.Hoe started saying something but everyone ran out of the classroom before she could finish. Bree and I grabbed our purses and coats and walked outside to my car.


Bree's P.O.V

Jessica and I were walking towards her car when I bumped into someone. I dropped my purse and everything fell out.

"Sorry, let me help you." The familiar voice said. We both bent down to pick up my stuff. I looked at the guy the same time as he looked at me. His blue eyes stared straight into my brown eyes.

"Here you go Bree." He said.

"Thanks Blondie." I replied. "Erm..Niall."  He chuckled.

"See you around? He asked.

"Sure, here's my number." I wrote down my cell number on a sheet of paper and gave it to him. I walked to Jessica's car with a smile on my face, ignoring all the whispers and the laughing.


A/N Sorry if this chapter is extremely short, I've been having writers block and had no idea what else to write. Hope you like it :)

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