The diggers of the earth

The technology has taken over earth. Scientists made the others believe that they didn't need to do anything anymore. Technology now has destroyed the humans and sent them back. The few humans that still live, now live underground. Will they ever summon the courage to defeat the technology that has taken over the world?


1. Caught


"C'mon Digger! We are gonna get in trouble!", a girl called while she ran through a long, winding tunnel. 

Behind her a small boy ran behind her, laughing. "Penny, we wont get in trouble. Now, lets get home", Digger replied calmly.

Penny sighed, quietly squeezing through a small crack in the dirt walls. She looked around, hoping her mother wasn't home. She had been very different since father had left to the Top. Every few months they chose strong people to go to the Top and see what was going on. He hasn't returned and its been 3 days.

Digger sneezed, sending Penny up in a jump. "Ah! Digger!", she shrieked.

Their mother then walked in with a scowl on her face. "Where have you both been?!", she asked worriedly.

Digger looked down to his feet, though he couldn't see it. He was blind. Penny's vision was fading but she had her other senses heightened, like the other young ones.

"I'm sorry mother, we were only playing", Penny replied innocently, although that was far from the truth. Really they had been near the Top. A small hole in which went up, you could see a very small sliver of green and red.

"You are grounded. Digger, go to bed. Now.",she commanded and spun on her heel, walking out.

"Mom!", Penny cried with no response. She sighed and began to walk around.

Penny could barely see but she could feel the soft earth below her bare feet. Hear it crunch and crackle, the smell was soft and deep. It was hard to describe, she had been born around this dirt and earth. 

She stopped suddenly and smiled. Right where she stopped was a small earth worm.

"Here you go", she said to the worm as she lifted it up and to the side, out of others way.

She continued through the tunnels when she heard familiar voices.

"Lilah we cant just go looking for him"

Lilah? That was her mothers name. Who was she talking too?

"You can and you will! You had no right sending Mason up thereby himself!"

Mason? That was her father. What was her mother talking about?

"He decided too and if he makes it back, he will be rewarded what he asked for"

"Rewarded?! If?! You have better hope he makes it or else you will pay, Samuel!"

Samuel..? The leader of our tribe? What was going on?

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