One Direction Imagines

hi this is my first movella like and fav??
umm you can request :)


2. short liam imagine

you always loved Liam so much as a boyfriend so when you saw him with another girl you got upset you ran to Starbucks  and started crying then Liam heard you crying he said "what happening y/n?"  you said "nothing" he got suspicious he said "did somebody did something you?" yes a saw you with that girl hugging  you got jealous you said  yes i did Liam  so leave me alone Liam he got upset  and said y/n i love you he left you heard the door close you ran out and you saw Liam walking you screamed Liam i love you to he saw you crying ran back picked you up and said i love you since the first day he said will like to be my girl friend you said yes Liam i will be your girlfriend.then he kissed you passionately 

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