One Direction Imagines

hi this is my first movella like and fav??
umm you can request :)


4. part 2 of niall imagine

Once we got the Niall's Annie was already asleep. I wonder if mum's back yet and knew we have gone. All I'm worried about if she knows I took something. My mum was horrible to me. After mine and Annie's dad died, mum turned to drink. She basically hated us after that. Blaming it all on me and Annie. I'm like Annie's mum. I make Annie dinner, clean for her, take her to school, wash her clothes. Something what your actually mum is meant to do. But mum wouldn't lay a finger on Annie. Only Casey as I'm the oldest.

"here" Niall said. I nodded. I didn't take my sun glasses off yet. Niall got out the car and unlocked the front door. He walked back and changed Annie and I guess laid her on the sofa. Annie also had a room at Niall's. Whenever mum was drunk or out of it, Annie always slept at Niall's. Niall is like Annie's dad. He takes so much care of her and gets so worried about Annie. It's cute I guess. I took my hand-bag out of the front and got out the car. I walked around to the boot and got Annie's two cases full of her toys. Most of them are here anyway. Niall got my case first, followed by Annie's. I took hers to mine and Annie's room. Then came back down and took mine.

I saw the full long length mirror in our room. I looked at it with my glasses still on. I drew the blinds and just looked. I took my clothes off and stood in my underwear. Finally took my glasses off. I looked so rough and bad. Bruises and cuts all down my face. Bruises on my stomach and down my legs. Niall can't see me like this. He doesn't know my mum has been hitting me. I looked so skinny. But in the mirror reflection I looked chubby. That's how I see myself. It's just not me. I started to cry. Tears streamed down my face and hit the floor.

 I turned to the bed, where I chucked my clothes. I put them back on and looked at my self again. How can I hide this from Niall? Bruises around my eyes. This just isn't me! I look different. I feel different. I hate myself. I wanted to end everything but Annie needs her sister. I'm worried about myself. I'm worried and i need help. Niall won't understand. Niall won't listen to me. I need a friend. I need my dad. What will I do? I need to do something.


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