One Direction Imagines

hi this is my first movella like and fav??
umm you can request :)


3. Niall imagine

I sat still. Not knowing what just happened. Why does it always happen? I sat there. I didn't know where my sister went. I was more worried about her than ever. I got up and headed into her room. "Annie! Annie!" I shouted but being quiet. "Casey?" I heard someone say. "yeah?" I asked back. "Casey? I'm under the bed" a little voice said. "Annie?" I asked. Walking closer to the bed. "ye...ah?" Annie replied. Thank god. I got down on my knees and looked down. Annie laid there still. Still as ever. She had been crying. "Annie, come out now" I said. "but Casey, mum... Mum might come" Annie said. "don't know, mum went out. She won't be back" I said. "okay" Annie replied getting out underneath the bed. "right, I have a plan" I said. "you play with your dolls okay?" I said. "okay Casey" Annie said. Annie ran to her dolls. I got up and walked out of the room and into mine. I pulled out my phone. I found Niall. I dialled his number. "answer Niall, answer" I said. "hello" he said in an Irish accent. "Niall, can you pick me and Annie up. Now. Quickly. Please. We need you. Please Niall" I said. "what? Okay. 5 minutes" Niall said. "thank you" I replied putting the phone down. I got out my case from under my bed. I pulled out all my clothes from my doors. I throw them into my case. Picking up my pictures and other little bits and bobs. I pulled case across the landing to Annie's room. I ran back to mine. Throwing my Red Vans and my small grey hoddie with my black bag. I ran back to Annie's room. I pulled out her two little suitcases. "Annie, fill your cases with you Barbie's now please" I said. "where are we going Casey?" Annie asked. "Annie, just fill your cases now please" I said. Annie did what I said and filled her cases. I filled Annie's case with her clothes that quick we had 2 minutes to spare. My phone started vibrating. "hello?" I said. What was more like a question. "I'm outside Casey" Niall said. "okay" I replied. The line went dead. "Annie go and wait at the door" I said. Annie ran down. I brought her two cases with toys down first. I opened the door. Niall got out the car and went to the boot. "Annie run to Niall" I said. Annie did she hopped into the car.  I gave Niall Annie's two cases. "2 minutes" I said. Niall nodded. I ran to get Annie's other case and mine. I throw mine down the stairs. Niall ran and put it into the boot. I ran down the stairs and gave Niall mine. "hang on" I said. Niall nodded again and I ran straight up the stairs into mum's room. I went straight to the top draw and pulled a little packet with what looked like little gains. I took two packets and throw them into my hand bag. Getting a lighter and ran out of the room. I ran back down stairs and slammed the door. I hopped into Niall's car and got into the passengers side. "GO NIALL NOW!" I screamed. Niall started the car and was off. I didn't know where I was going. "Casey, where are we going?" Annie asked. "don't know but you will be leaving with me" I said. "what about mum?" Annie asked. "we don't care anymore" I said. "okay" Annie said. I sat in Niall's car with sun glasses on, even tho no sun was out. I couldn't let Niall see me like this. Not now not ever.

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