He Will Never Agree

Taylor Leean, a mermaid princess, falls in love with Michael Urvan, a human prince. The only thing that is stopping the both of them from being together is that their fathers are forcing them to marry a prince and princess of their kind. Will the decide between true love, or whats right for their kingdoms? Find out in "He Will Never Agree."


6. Something to Tell

(Michael's POV) 

"No, no, no you cant fall for a mermaid! It's strictly forbidden!" My dad yells.

I scoff and turn around starting to walk out of the door,

"Which is why I already arranged for you to marry someone else." He yells after me. I stop dead in my tracks and face him. 

"WHAT!" I scream, "I'm not marrying anyone right now! In the future I would like to marry Taylor." I yell getting furious, "You have no choice! This is the only way to strengthen our kingdom." He explains stepping closer to me and putting his hand on my shoulder.

"But Taylor is a princess." I say calmly, pushing his hand off of my shoulder. Little tears well up in my eyes. 

"Why cant you just let me marry who I want!" I scream getting mad again.

"Because you need to do whats right for the kingdom," He says sweetly.

Wow im starting to feel in Taylor's shoes. Since I had to find out myself that she is a prince- wait, I just realized something else. She's a princess, and her dad is most likely forcing her to marry someone she doesn't want to. The same thing that is happening to me. 

I rush out of the castle and towards the beach.

I cant believe that she would hide this from me. I thought that we were close enough friends to know our deepest secrets. But I guess I was wrong.


I sit on the beach trying to figure out what to do. Little kids wonder around playing with beach balls and kits. One little kid around 5 or 6 walks up to me and asks for my autograph.

I gladly sign my signature on her little notebook and she runs away happily screaming to her mom that she got an autograph from me. Haha, little kids are so cute. 

Then I see her.

I see her face pop up from the water as she searches for something. 

I feel my heart skip a beat when I see her. What? I've never felt this way before when i'm around other girls. But when i'm with her, I feel alive and happy. I think i'm starting to have feelings for her. 

"Hey!" I yell at her. Her head whips over to my direction with fear in her eyes. Then when she realizes that it was me calling her, she relaxes and starts swimming towards me. 

"Is there something that you want to tell me," I say once she reaches me. "Um.." She sounds timid, like she's hiding something. 

"Hmm," I say, I feel like i'm interrogating her. 

"Uh.." little beads of sweat go down her forehead as she looks away. Uh uh i'm not letting this thing go by easily.

"Like maybe how you are a princess and that you are betrothed!" I yell. She looks up at me in shock.

"H-how do you know that?" She asks.

"It wasn't that hard to find out. I just had to put 2 and 2 together." I explain calmly.

"Im sorry I never told you. I guess I was afraid think of you different if you knew that I was a princess." She says her voice getting weak. 

"No, no, no I wouldn't think of you any more different even if you weren't a princess." I say patting her back. Here come those shocks again. Where are those coming from.

"What did you think of me before you found out that I was a princess?" She asks curiously. 

"I thought that you were pretty. And I still do." I smile 

She smiles a genuine smile towards me, the first one i've seen since I met her. It's a beautiful smile. 

"Well i'll say that I almost thought the same thing about you. I still do." She smiles even bigger. 

Then she leans in and crashes her lips against mine. I smile against her lips and break away from the kiss. "Woah!" I say estatic. 

"That was.. Interesting," she agrees. I smile and bring my lips back down to hers, then break away again.

"Will you go out with me?"



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