He Will Never Agree

Taylor Leean, a mermaid princess, falls in love with Michael Urvan, a human prince. The only thing that is stopping the both of them from being together is that their fathers are forcing them to marry a prince and princess of their kind. Will the decide between true love, or whats right for their kingdoms? Find out in "He Will Never Agree."


2. Meeting Him

(Taylor's POV)

Those blue eyes, that brown hair, the tan skin! He was the perfect guy. I think I was already falling for him. Hah, that cant be true I just SAW him for the first time, and he doesn't even know me. 

Right now I'm currently hanging out behind their boat ,more like yaut, on the beach. By their, I mean the guy I'm falling for (the brown haired one), one of his friends (the blondy), and another one of his friends (the red head).

"Hey you!" the brown haired one screamed in my direction interrupting my thoughts. Great. I started panicking, how am I gonna get out of here? I quickly started scooting towards the water when someone grabbed my blue tail from behind, making me scream. "Hey, hey, hey it's alright i'm not gonna hurt you." The brown haired one said softly. "You alright?" He asked. I went into coward mode and brought my tail up to my face, looking into those gorgeous blue eyes. "Um.." I said after a little bit. He was still staring at me as if he was expecting an answer.

"Hey guys come over here!" He suddenly shouted to the others. "I don't know if you know who I am but, my name is Michael. Prince Michael that is." He gushed bringing his hand out for a shake. "Um..I'm..Taylor" I said kinda embarrassed, shaking his hand. I kinda left out the part that I am a princess. "Hey Michael what did you want us fo- woah" One of his friends, the blonde one asked staring at my tail. "Umm..Hi" I said awkwardly keeping my tail close to my body. I don't even know why i'm still here, I could have been across the ocean by now with the time i've had since I was caught. "Um..These are my friends Chad and Ethan. Guys this is-"

"Taylor I know." The blonde haired one, Chad I believe, said interrupting Michael. "Um.. How do you know who I am?" I asked Chad. "I, um, I've heard of you as the famous mermaid princess." He answered nervously. "Ok?" I said more of a question. "Anyway, I'm sorry that I scared you, Taylor, I thought you were some sort of robber or something trying to rob my boat. But obviously I was wrong." He said laughing a tiny bit. "Well thanks for assuming that." I said coming out of my shell a little bit.

"But I'm sorry to because I have to go. My dads probably looking for me." And that was the last thing I said to him before diving back into the water and swimming away. 

(A/N: few! that was a LONG chapter. But now you know how Michael and Taylor met. I hope you guys like the story right now.)



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