He Will Never Agree

Taylor Leean, a mermaid princess, falls in love with Michael Urvan, a human prince. The only thing that is stopping the both of them from being together is that their fathers are forcing them to marry a prince and princess of their kind. Will the decide between true love, or whats right for their kingdoms? Find out in "He Will Never Agree."


8. Losing A Tail

(Taylor's POV) 

Oh my god I'm losing my tail. I can't get into the water now it's to late.

"Michael what am I going to do, I'm losing my tai- Ahh!" I scream. It stings really bad. The feeling of losing your tail isn't a good feeling, it feels like its being burned and melted off your skin. 

"Ahh!" I scream again. People around me and Michael look at us with fear in their eyes. Crap. They now see that I'm a mermaid. Lovely. 

"Michael!" I scream in pain. He looks at me with fear in his eyes and pulls his phone out, dialing someone's number. 

"No don't call the ambulance! They'll see who I am and bring me to a lab and investigate on me!" I scream in fear starting to shake and cry.

"Shh, it's ok I'm not calling the ambulance. I'm calling my dad." He says reassuringly trying to calm me down with a hug. 

He's so warm I can feel myself calm down a little bit. But, of course the pain has to come back. 

"Oh my god it stings!" I screech really loudly enough for the whole beach to hear. 

"Dad. Hey I need you to come down to the beach. Yes I know. Just come down with the medical team. You know the girl I was telling you about we'll I'm with her right and something is happening to her, I need you to come RIGHT NOW!" He screams into the phone. "It's ok Taylor your going to be ok," he whispers softly.

"Oh my god Taylor are you ok?" Chad asks as he and Ethan run over to us. 

"No! Do I look ok to you!" I scream at Chad getting mad. 

Half of my tail was gone now. 

Michael hugs me again, calming me down immediately. 

"Um.. Are you two together now?" Ethan asks wiggling his eyebrows at us. 

"No.. We're not," Michael says looking sad. I instantly feel bad. 

We hear people running towards  us and look over to where it's coming from. Michaels dad and some other people are here with bags in their hands.

"Hey dad this is Taylor. The girl I was telling you about, and this is my father." Michael says introducing me to his father, and him to me.

"Hi I say shyly, raising my hand for him to shake. 

"Hello Princess Taylor." His father says shaking my hand. What? How would he know that I am a princess? 

"Um how do you know I'm a princess?" I ask to Michaels father.

"Us kings like me know who every princess, prince, king, and queen are in every kingdom. We even know the kingdom that are underwater like yours." He explains to me. That's a little weird, it's like he stocks every kingdom in the world. 

"Ahh what is going on!" I scream in agony.

"You are losing your tail dear. Whenever you are out of the water to long, your tail drys up mad it starts to disappear." One of the nurses I believe explain to me.

Oh my god this can't be happening, I can't loose my tail! I just can't! 

Little tears fill up and fall from my eyes which Michael quickly wipes away. 

"It's ok Taylor." Michael says bringing me in for yet another hug. I feel so safe in his arms, like nothing's going to hurt me. 

"Dad what do we do?" Michael asks unsure of what to do. 

"Well Taylor your tail is pretty much dried up, Im sorry about that. Theres nothing we can do about it, but, the best thing to do is swim around keeping it hydrated. Someday your tail will grow back, but it wont be for a while. You can stay at our house and swim around in our pool if you'd like." Michaels dad says before the other two nurses bring me up on a gurney. 


**at Michaels castle.

(Michaels POV)

We arrived at the castle and Taylor was put into the pool so her tail can grow back. 

"Now Taylor ill have to call your father and tell hi-"

"No don't call him. Please, he doesn't even like me coming up to the surface but I still do. Please don't, he'll be furious when I get back home." Taylor cuts my father off, begging. 

"Ok fine." My father gives in leaves.

"Michael can we talk for a second?" My dad calls for me

I walk over to him and look at him. 

"So you have a crush on Taylor eh?" My dad smiles the first smile I've seen in ages. 

"Yeah." I answer looking down blushing. 

"Then you 2 should go out!" He yells slapping me on the shoulder.

"I don't know it complicated." I say looking down again. 

"Well that wasn't what I wanted to ask you or tell you." He says getting serious again. 

I immediately miss that 5 seconds of fun that we had. But, what was he going to tell me? Is it about my mother and how she's in the hospital dying from breast cancer.

"Well what is it? What did you want to tell me?" I ask getting worried.

he takes a deep breathe then let's it out.

"TELL ME!" I demand. He looks at me then to the ground. 

He looks me deep into the eyes again and I could see the tears well up in his eyes. 

"Your mother.." My father started, "your mother died last night from Breast Cancer." 










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