He Will Never Agree

Taylor Leean, a mermaid princess, falls in love with Michael Urvan, a human prince. The only thing that is stopping the both of them from being together is that their fathers are forcing them to marry a prince and princess of their kind. Will the decide between true love, or whats right for their kingdoms? Find out in "He Will Never Agree."


18. Just A Dream

(Taylor's POV)

"By the power invested in me I pronounce you husband and wife. Michael you my kiss the bride." The preacher smiles at Michael.

Michael leans down and connects his lips with mine. Right now, all I hear is the sound of my heart beating out of my chest and the roaring and cheering that was coming from the audience. 

"Please give it up for Mr. and Mrs. Urvan!" The preacher screams and raises mine and Michaels interlocking hands.

*At the reception

"Im so happy for you Taylor! Michael is such a great guy for you! Im glad that you married him instead of me." Gabby smiles at me before giving me a hug. 

We break apart when I feel arms wrap around my waist. "Time to cut the cake." Michael whispers into my ears.

I put my hands on the knife and Michael puts his on top of mine. Once the cake was cut, Michael starts to smear cake all over my face. I scream, "you did not just do that!" 

"Yes, I did just do that!" He screams back jokingly. I take some cake and smear it onto his face. 

He gives me a shocked face, "Oh, your going down!" He screams before chasing me around the room with cake in his hands.

Im so happy right now! I cant believe that Michael is my husband! Im officially Mrs. Urvan! 


I jolt up in bed to see nothing but the blinding light from the sun. 

I sigh, "Ok, it was just a dream." 

But, why would I dream about that?

(A/N: Sorry that this chapter is short!! This chapter kinda changes Taylor's feelings about Michael! So, this chapter is like a foreshadow chapter. Comment, fav., like!!)


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