He Will Never Agree

Taylor Leean, a mermaid princess, falls in love with Michael Urvan, a human prince. The only thing that is stopping the both of them from being together is that their fathers are forcing them to marry a prince and princess of their kind. Will the decide between true love, or whats right for their kingdoms? Find out in "He Will Never Agree."


12. Fed Up

*1 week later 

(Taylor's POV)

Its been a week since me and Michael got together and I honestly haven't thought anything of the arranged marriage. Speaking of that, why hasn't my dad tried to come and apologize? Why hasn't he come and get me? It doesn't make since.

"Hey babe. You ok? You have this look on your face, like you are thinking." Michael asks me as he enters the room. 

"Yeah Im fine. Its just my dad." I respond looking down. "Well do you want to talk about it?" He asks putting an arm around my shoulder. 

"Why hasn't my dad come to talk to me?" I ask almost crying. "I mean he slapped me! Wouldn't he be a good father to at least come and apologize?!" Im screaming now but Michael tries to comfort me by hugging me. 

"Its ok, Its ok. Hes not a good father then if he doesn't come to say 'sorry'" He reassures. I only cry harder and he hugs me harder. 

"Your majesty! Your father, wants to see you! He says he has someone he wants you to me." A guard screams almost out of breathe. 

Michael looks surprised. "Ok Ill be right down." Michael says and looks  back at me after the guard leaves. 

"Ok well I have to go." He says, letting go of my hands and leaving my room. 

(Michael's POV)

Oh my god! Who could the person be? I hope its not the princess that I am being forced to marry! 

I prey to god that Taylor isn't watching! I walk down the stairs and go into the large thrown room. "Hello son, how are you?" My dad asks a little over excited. Hmm, this is strange, my dad never smiles, or laughs. Whats going on? 

"Um. You wanted to see me?" I ask and he continues, "Yes, I have found the PERFECT princess that you are going to marry!"

What!!!! This cant be happening!

"Ok. So, when do I have to marry her?" I ask, hopefully its in a while. Not now.

"Next month." My dad respond, his serious side peeking back out. OH MY GOD!!!

"What! I cant marry someone that I don't love! I don't even know her and you expect me to through away everything in my life, including Taylor, and marry this, this STRANGER!!" I scream getting really mad. 

"Woah woah son calm down! Ok, its not until a month! Ok? You have another month until you have to break up with Taylor. At least you don't have to break up with her now." My dad screams back at me. 

"But thats the thing. You cant just expect me to break up with her because of this stupid marriage!" I say. 

Its not fare!!! 

I wish I could just choose who I want to marry without the law getting in the way. I look up to the stairs to see Taylor standing at the top with tears in her eyes. She walks down the stairs and looks into my eyes.

"Is this true? Do you have to break up with me because of this arranged marriage?" She asks with teary eyes, "Do you have to marry that girl?" She asks, tears dripping down her cheeks. I put my hands on her shoulders, then I take her hands in mine. 

"Yes its true but.." I walk us into another room, hand in hand, to where my dad cant here us. "But Im not gonna let this happen! Im not gonna let him tell me who Im marrying and when I have to marry them just because its good for the kingdom." I say and kiss her. 

"Your a princess. Your my princess. I could marry you but your a different kind of princess. A princess from underwater." I say to her.

(Taylor's POV)

"Your a princess. Your my princess. I could marry you but your a different kind of princess. A princess from underwater." That statement brought tears to my eyes. He called me his princess. 

I took all of this in and I put my hand on his cheek. "Its ok. Ill help you put a stop to this horrible law. Because Im in the same situation as you. I know how you feel." I reassure. He looks up at me and kisses me again. I break away.

"So do you want to at least meet this girl?" I ask and we walk back to the thrown room. We see this girl standing next to Michaels dad. 

(Michael's POV)

"Michael, I would like you to meet Princess Gabrielle." My dad introduces this pretty girl.

Gabrielle has brown hair just like me, blue eyes just like me, she has tan skin just like Taylor's, a beautiful purple pouffy dress that hugged her skinny figure perfectly. Im not going to lye. But this girl was gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as Taylor.

"Hi Im Prince Michael!" I say and give her hand a shake. 

(A/N: Well I guess that Michael is fed up with the law. What will he do to get rid of it? Comment.. Like.. Fan) 
















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