He Will Never Agree

Taylor Leean, a mermaid princess, falls in love with Michael Urvan, a human prince. The only thing that is stopping the both of them from being together is that their fathers are forcing them to marry a prince and princess of their kind. Will the decide between true love, or whats right for their kingdoms? Find out in "He Will Never Agree."


4. But I Am A Mermaid

(Michael's POV) 

I made it to the beach and searched everywhere, looking for Taylor. Where is she? Then it came to me, she hid behind that big rock over there yesterday so, maybe she's hiding there today. 

I ran over to the rock and just what I thought, I saw that beautiful blonde hair that she possessed. Then she turned around and I saw those big blue ocean colored eyes.

"Hey, Taylor." I said kinda awkwardly since she caught me practically staring at her. She brought her tail up to her body, "Hey." She shyly whispered. "Did you see the show?" I asked praying that she didn't see it. "Yeah, I didn't think people would be out there taking pictures of you." 

"Well the paps love to take pictures of there beloved prince," I laughed. I only got a small smile from her. "Hey, you ok?" I asked concerned of why she wasn't really talking. "Ya, it's just.." she breathed in, then out, "I don't know. I don't want to be sent to a lab and tested and interrogated just for being a mermaid." She says with little tears in her eyes.

"Hey, hey it's ok, the paps just love to have a good story. Even if their story isn't even true." I explained putting my hand on her shoulder. She looks up at me, "But it is true, I AM a mermaid and a princess. So their story is technically right." She says about to cry.

I don't know why she's getting all emotional about this. It's just a story. If it was me in her shoes I would of just forgotten about it and moved on with my life. But this is probably the first story she's seen on T.V that her name was actually in it. 

"Its ok. it's ok." I simply said. Still petting her shoulder. When I touched her I felt this shock of electricity go through me. But it wasn't like when you get electrocuted, no, it was the good type of feeling, like it was meant to be. 

(Taylor's POV) 

When he touched my shoulder I felt this shock run all through my body. Like the shock was a good feeling. 

It was so weird seeing my name on T.V but I guess i'll get used to it. I don't know.

"So how have you been?" I said trying to change the subject. "I've been good." he stated. "You?" he asked, "I've been better." I say looking down playing with my hands. "Yeah? Why do you say that?" he asked concerned. "Its just that my dad is always busy with work and, I don't know, it's like he never has time for me anymore." I explain, my eyes getting watery. "Hey it's ok my dad is the same way. He's always worried about the kingdom and how it can become more stronger." 

"Exactly," I point out. For a good 10 minutes we talk about how our parents are always worried about their work and kingdoms. I didn't want to tell him that I was a princess. Well, not yet at least. 

"So, how old are you?" He asked out of nowhere. I laughed, "Im 19 almost 20," I answer. I ask him the same question. "Im 20 almost 21." he says proud and strong. Then we go off again talking for a good 10 minutes, getting to know each other more. The whole time we were talking, I was laughing so hard. He's hilarious! I had a feeling we would be good friends.

(Michael's POV) 

Taylor is hilarious! I was laughing a lot the whole time we were talking. I had a feeling that we were gonna be the best of friends.

(A/N: This chapter is kinda boring and bad. I guess I had a little bit of writers block on this chapter, but the story will get better:) comment if you guys like it:)

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