Change my mind

Niall Fan Fiction


3. This

Once we where in the car, I noticed Paul wasn’t with us. 

“Hey um where’s Paul I thought he is always with you?” I asked. 

” Oh I talked to him, and convinced him to stay back at the hotel with the rest of the guys.  I only wanted to be with you tonight.” He smiled and held my hand as he drove. 

“Aw your so sweet!” I said.  He just laughed.  I could tell he was a little nervous, but I was too. 

“So why are you guys in Chicago?” I asked. 

“We have a concert here tomorrow night.” 

“Are you guys on tour?”

“Yeah it’s been really crazy.”

“Aw that must be really cool though getting to travel with four of your bestfriends.” I said. 

“It is but I’m not going to lie it can be pretty tiring too, and having to deal with management can be hard sometimes.”

“Yeah I understand that.” I said. 

“But it’s all worth it, I love what I do.”

“And the fans love you guys..a lot” I smiled at him, he laughed. 

“Yeah our fans are so amazing!” 

“So where are we going?” I asked him. 

“Right here,” we pulled up into a parking lot.  We both got out of the car.  He took my hand and we walked down a pathway,


it was dark out so it was kinda hard to tell where we where going, but I noticed futher down the path where lit candles.  We continued to talk as we got closer to the candles I could see there was a table set for two.    “Niall did you do this all yourself?” I asked.  “Well I may have had a little bit of help,” he said as he smiled at me.  “This is amazing,” he pulled out my chair as I sat down. “thank you,” I said.  “Of course,” he said he walked around and sat down in his chair.  From there on the night was perfect, dinner was lovely and we decided to slow dance in the middle of the candle lit path.   “Your amazing Liz” he whispered.  “Not as amazing as you Horan.” He gave me a cheeky smile as he bent down to kiss my lips.  We continued to slow dance and later decided to walk back to the car.    Once we got to the car, he drove me back home.  He walked me up to the door.  “I had an amazing time with you tonight,” he said.  “So did I,” I smiled at him.  “I know I’m going to be leaving soon. .” I looked down I forgot all about the tour, and how he was only here for a few more days.  “Tomorrow morning we’re having a sound check for our concert, would you like to come?” “Yes I’d love to!” I smiled.  ”Goodnight Liz” he gently kissed me. ”Goodnight Niall.”

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