Change my mind

Niall Fan Fiction


2. Tell me

I ran upstairs to my room, and looked at the time.  It was 6 p.m. ‘ok so I have two hours to get ready..’ I ran to my bathroom took a shower, and washed my hair.  I heard my roomate Anny come up the stairs to my room, as I quickly dried off changed into a tank and shorts. 

“Hey girl where have you been all day?” she asks. 

“Oh haha funny story..well you know how I went over to Mike’s place to break up with him?” I asked as I open the bathroom door and headed over to my closet to find an outfit to wear for tonight.

  “Yeah how did that go?” she asks as she sits on my bed. 

“Okay I guess I told him we’re done, but then as I was driving back here he texted me.

  “What’d he say?” she asked eagerly. 

“Well basically he was asking if there was any way I could possibly forgive him right after I just broke up with him.”

“Wow he’s so pathetic,” she said. 

“I know right, so anyways I started to text him back, and I got in a car crash.” 

“Oh my goodness, are you okay wait why didn’t you call me?” 

“What are you my mother?” I asked her.

  “No but you are my best friend,” she said. 

“I’m sorry Liz but you’ll never guess who I met today!”

“Who?” she asked.

  “Paul and Niall Horan from one direction!”

“No way..are you serious?” she asked me.


“How wait” she asked. 

“So after the crush I ended up in the hospital, and apparently Paul didn’t see where he was going either and he crashed into me.” 

”Oh my goodness that’s so crazy!!” she exclaimed.  

“I know!”  “So why was Niall there?” she asked. 

“He was in the car with Paul so he came with Paul to the hospital to make sure I was okay.” I told her. 

“Wow that’s amazing Harry’s so sweet!” Liz said. 

“He is he gave me chocolates, and a teddy bear.” I told her. 

“Oh so that’s who those where from, I thought they where from Mike.” 

“Oh haha no, but guess what Niall asked me to go out!” I exclaimed.  

“Shut up did he really?”

“Yeah and he’s coming by to pick me up at 8!” 

“Get it girrrl” Anny said. 

“Haha I just need to find something to wear”, as I looked through my closet. 

“Oh I just bought this new dress for you I went to the mall with Kaley and I thought it would look good on you!” 

“Really?” I asked her. 

“Yeah let me go get it,” she said. 

I walked over to my vanity and started to do my make up.  As I put on my foundation I moved my side bangs out of my face, and saw the stiches. 

“Hey here it is!” I turned around as Anny held up the dress.  

“Wow Anny it’s beautiful!”

“Here try it on,” she handed me the dress.

  I took the dress and ran into my bathroom.  I slipped it on, and it fit perfectly!

  “Let me see it!” Anny said anxiously. 

I stepped out of the bathroom. 

“Wow..” she said.  I smiled.  “You look great in it!”

“Thanks Anny” I said

.  “Here sit down lets finish your makeup and hair.”

 ”Okay” I said. 

I sat back down at my vanity as Liz finished helped me get ready .  My phone buzzed.  I grabbed it, Niall texted me.  “Hey Liz I’m on my way, can’t wait to see you ;)” I smiled. 

“Oo who’d you get a text from?” Anny asked as she finished curling my hair. 

“Niall” I said.  “He’s on his way.”  

“Are you nervous?” she asked.  

“Yeah.. a lot nervous,” I laugh.

  “Aww you’ll be fine, and you look gorgeous,” she said as she put down the curling iron I look into the mirror. 

 “Anny thank you so so much for  everything!” 

“Hey what are friends for?” she laughed. 

“Oh he’s here!” I said. 

“Really?” she exclamied.  

”Yeah he just texted me!”  

“Come on come on get up what are you waiting for?!” she smiled. 

I laughed, “I’m coming..I’m coming.”  I slipped on my black heels got up and headed downtairs. 

“Hey good luck!” Anny yelled from my room as I walked downstairs. 

“Thanks!” I yelled. 

The door bell rang.  I quickly took one more look in the mirror, then opened the door. 

“Hi,” Niall smiled.  He looked so handsome. 

I smiled back, “Hi.” 

“You look beautiful!”  Niall quickly looked me up and down.  I laughed and he gave me a cheeky smile. 

“Thanks you don’t look to bad yourself. ” 

He laughed “Are you ready?” he held out his hand. 

“I’m ready.” He took my hand and held it as he walked me to the car. 

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