Change my mind

Niall Fan Fiction


6. Let's go

Zayn just stood there and looked into my eyes.  He didn’t say a word, then quickly rushed on to the stage.  I looked back he grabbed his mic, and the guys started their sound check.  ‘Did I do something wrong?’ I thought to myself.  Then I turned back around, and saw Eleanor sitting in a dressing room by herself.  The door was open I went over and stood in the doorway.  She looked up, and rushed over to me. 

“Hi!” she smiled, and gave me a hug.  “You must be Liz,” she exclaimed. 

“Hi, and yeah I’m Liz!” I replied. 

“I’m so excited to meet you, how are you?” she asked. 

“I’m good!  How are you?” I asked. 

“I’m well thank you!” she replied. 

“Are you here by yourself?” I asked. 

“Yeah Danielle isn’t on tour with us right now because she’s currently touring with her dance company, but I’m glad you here now!” 

“Thanks Eleanor, but I don’t think I’ll be touring with you guys.” 

”What why?” she asked.

  “Well Paul hasn’t mentioned the idea yet,” I replied. 

“No, you have to tour with us I mean your Niall’s girlfriend now,” she stated. 

“I-I..” I didn’t know what to say. 

“Come on where going to go talk to Paul she took my hand.”  We walked out of the dressing room.  Paul was backstage with us talking to one of the employees.  Paul looked over at us, and smiled. 

“Hey girls I see you’ve met each other already.” 

“Excuse me Paul, but I would like Liz to join us on tour with the boys and myself,” Eleanor said politely. 

“Actually I was just about to come to talk to you about that,” Paul turned to me.  “Would you like to join us on tour?” 

“Are you serious?” I asked.

  “Dead serious I talked to the guys about it and they said they’d love to have you on tour with them.” 

“I’d love too,” I replied.  Eleanor hugged me “Yayy, this is going to be so much fun!” We walked back to the dressing room, I couldn’t believe I was going on tour with the guys and Eleanor. 

Eleanor and I continued to talk in the dressing room.  “So what do you think of the rest of the guys?” she asked. 

“They are all so nice, but.. I don’t think Zayn likes me,” I confessed. 

“Oh, she laughed,”I’m sure he does he can just be shy sometimes.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah don’t worry about it,” she replied.  Her and I continued to talk, I asked her how she met Louis, and what it was like to be on tour with the guys.  She was so nice, and just such a lovely person.  Harry and the guys then came into the dressing room. 

“Hey are you guys done with the sound check?” Eleanor asked. 

“Yep,” Niall came and sat down next to me.  He put his arm around me, “Are you excited for tour?” he asked. 

“I’m so excited!” I said.  He smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

  “Hey do you guys want to head out to the club after tonight’s concert?” Louis asked. 

Niall looked at me, “Yeah sure” I reply. 

“Okay yeah,” Niall said. 

Louis looked at Liam, “What about you mate?” We all looked at Liam. 

“Uh you know I think I’m going to stay in tonight.” 

“Why?” Louis asked. 

“I just don’t feel like going out,” he replied.  You could tell Liam missed Danielle. 

“C’mon you can’t stay here by yourself, and maybe going out for a little will help you get your mind off things,” Louis continued to convince Liam. 

“It’s okay Lou I’m gonna stay back at the hotel,”  I felt bad for Liam.  He looked so sad thinking about Danielle. 

Louis then looked at Harry, “I’m in” he added.  Then we all looked over at Zayn.  Zayn stood there quiet, crossed arm. He looked over at me,

“I’m in” he said then walked out of the room. 

“Alright then I guess where going to the club, Liam feel free to join us!” Louis added. 

I looked over at Eleanor, “Are you coming?” I asked. 

“No I think I’ll stay in with Liam tonight I don’t feel like going out.”

“Are you sure babe?” Louis looked at Eleanor. 

“I’m sure, but you go I don’t want you to feel just because I’m not going you can’t,” Louis smiled.

“Thanks El,”

“No problem,” she replied. 

We all continued to talk until the guys had to start getting ready for their concert.  I decided to go back home to change into something nicer for the club.  Eleanor offered to drive me, we told the guys we’d be back and let Paul know where we where going.  We drove back to my place, and she helped me pick out an outfit.  Anny wasn’t home so it was just me and Eleanor. 

“What about this dress with these heels?” she asked. 

“I like it,” I replied.  Eleanor had a really good taste in fashion. 

“Here try it on,” she smiled and held out the dress.  I went into my bathroom, and tried the dress on I opened the door.

“What do you think?” I asked as I “modeled” the dress. 

“I love it!” she exclaimed.  I sat down in front of my vanity to fix my hair and makeup while we continued to talk.  Once I finished my hair and makeup  we decided to head out back to the boy’s concert.  When we got back the boys concert was almost over so we went and waited backstage.  Once the concert was over the boys rushed backstage, and got ready to go out to the club.  Liam didn’t change his mind, so him and Eleanor headed back to the hotel. 

“Bye Liz it was so lovely to meet you!” Eleanor said. 

“You too!” I replied.  She gave me a hug

“We should go shopping tomorrow,” she said. 

“Yeah definetly!” “Okay I’ll text you tomorrow!” she smiled and headed back to the hotel with Liam.

  “Bye guys!” Liam said. We all said bye, and once all of us where ready we headed to the club. 

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