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Niall Fan Fiction


5. Hello

I stood in front of my closet once again having no clue what to wear.  I was just as or more nervous today as I was last night. 

‘Don’t be nervous…don’t be nervous..’ I kept reminding myself constantly.  I just really wanted to impress the guys, I wanted them to like me but Anny was right I can’t keep worrying.  I looked over at the clock to see what time it was.  It was already 10:30.  I quickly put together an outfit from my closet, and rushed into the bathroom.  I took a shower, and got dressed.  I walked over to my vanity and began to fix my hair, and do my makeup.  My phone buzzed, I looked down“Hey Liz! Paul just left he’s on his way to pick you up, the guys can’t wait to meet you!- Niall <3”  I smiled, and continued to do my make up.  I was still really nervous, but I tried not to think about it to much.  

Once I finished my makeup, the doorbell rang.  Paul was here, I headed downstairs and took once last look in the mirror again: 'Don’t be nervous..relax’ I opened the door,

“Hi Paul!”

“Hey Liz, how are you?” he asked as he led me to the car. 

“I’m good and yourself?”

“Very well thank you,” he replied.  He opened the car door for me, and I got in.  I buckled my seat belt as he walked around the car to the drivers seat.  He got in and bucked himself. 

“How was your date last night?” he asked as he began to drive. 

“It was amazing I had a really nice time!”

“I’m glad you liked it, Niall basically begged me to give you two sometime alone together.” 

“Really?” I asked. 

“Yeah.. I could be wrong but I think he likes you. ”

“Do you really think so?” I asked. 

“Well I’ve never seen him so crazy  before.” 

I smiled, but then the thought of him leaving in a few days popped into my head. 

“Yeah I really like him it’s’s going to be hard seeing him leave so soon, and I guess it just makes me wonder if things with Harry and I will work out.” 

A tear slipped down my cheek.  Paul noticed I was doubting my relationship with Niall and saw I was upset. 

“Sweetheart don’t cry your makeup will run,”

I couldn’t help but laugh after all I knew he was just trying to cheer me up. 

“Tell you what I’ll try whatever it takes to make sure you two spend time with each other.” 

”Thank you,” I said.

  “My pleasure,” he gave me a reassuring smile.

  “I hope so, but we’ve only known each other for a seems like I’ve known him forever though.” 

“That’s exactly how I felt the first time I met my wife, ” he smiled.  “But trust me I know young love when I see it,” he said, I laughed.  I never realized Paul was so kind.  It was nice knowing he supported Niall and I’s relationship. 

We pulled into the parking lot.  I hopped out of the car, and walked around to Paul.  Fans where already lined up screaming, and holding up signs.  I felt really nervous with all the screaming, and yelling.  Paul could tell I felt uncomfortable he loosley held him arm around my waist and guided me towards the door to the stadium.  I didn’t make any eye contact with the fans, but could still her them screaming on the top of their lungs. Paul held the door open for me, and led me inside.  Inside where security, and some of the employees who worked for the arena.  Paul led me into the actual arena where I saw the guys rehearsing.  He walked me down the isle.  All the guys didn’t recognize I was there until Paul led me to the sound booth with Dan, the sound director, his assistant Joel, and the rest of the crew.  Paul introduced me to all of them. They where all so nice!  I sat down between Dan and Paul.  As soon as I looked up, Niall noticed I was there and his face lit up.  He smiled at me, and  I smiled back, the guys where rehearsing ‘One thing.’  It came to the part of the song where Niall had his solo.  He continued to smile right at me, he winked at me, as the rest of the boys broke into the chorus.  I laughed, and couldn’t help but continue to smile at him.  Once the song ended, Dan told them to take 5.  Niall jumped off the stage and ran towards me.  I got up and rushed towards him.  He then picked me and spun me around. 

 ”Hey babe, I’m so glad your here!” he whispered. 

“Me too,” I wrapped my legs around his waist as he kissed my lips.  When Niall kissed me I felt like I was on cloud 9.  I unwrapped my legs from his waist so he could put me down.  He continued to kiss me until Louis interrupted us. 

“Hey Nialler would you like to introduce me to your friend here?” I broke away, and smiled at Louis.

“Louis this is Liz.” 

“Hi Louis,” I said.

  “Hey Liz nice to meet you Niall here has just been going on and on and on-”

“Okay thanks Lou,” niall smiled at Louis and signaled for him to shut up.   

Liam’s POV

“Hey guys is that Liz?”

 ”Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s her,” Harry said. 

“Wow..” I stood there in awe for a minute. 

“Liam you’ve got a girlfriend,” Zayn said. 

 ”Yeah I know.”  I looked over at Zayn, “Hey man are you alright?” I asked. 

Zayn stood with there with his arms crossed. “Yeah..fine” he replied he stared at Liz and Niall then walked off backstage.  Harry looked at me, we both knew there was something wrong with Zayn. 

“We’ll talk to him later let’s go introduce ourselves to Liz”  I suggested.  Harry agreed we both jumped off stage and ran up to join Liz, Niall and Louis.

Zayn’s POV

I knew Liz was coming today, and I didn’t know what to expect.  As soon as I laid eyes on her though I was immedietly attracted to her.  She is so beautiful, and has the prettiest smile.  Things with Perrie and I have been going downhill, and have been for a while.  I don’t know what it is but there is no connection, no spark between Perrie and I.  When I saw Liz though my heart skipped a beat, and… I think.. just maybe I’m falling for her.

Back to Me:

“Hi Liz! I’m Liam,” Liam rushed over to give me a hug.

“Hi Liam nice to meet you,” I said. 

“You too,” he gave me the sweetest smile. 

“Hi I’m Harry” I looked over at Harry.

“Hey Harry” I replied.

  “You look lovely,” he said. 

“Thank you,” I smiled.  Niall had his arm around my waist, he pulled me in tighter and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  Louis looked around and noticed Zayn wasn’t there.

  “Hey man where’d Zayn go?” he asked Liam.

“Oh um,” Liam hesitated to answer. “He just went to grab some water.” 

  “Hey guys let’s get back on stage and finish this sound check,” Dan called. 

“Alright,” the guys replied.  Louis turned to me “Eleanor is backstage, she’s touring with us for a while, I’m sure she’d love to talk to you!”

“Yeah I’d love to talk to her,” I replied. 

The guys and I started to walk up towards the stage.  Once we where on the stage Niall grabbed my hand, and pulled me in for a kiss.  I smiled at him, and then walked backstage as he grabbed his mic, and began to continue the sound check with the guys.  As I walked backstage I ran right into someone.  I looked up it was Zayn.

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