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Niall Fan Fiction


4. c'mon

I opened the door, and headed inside.  Once I closed the door I walked upstairs to my room.  Anny was still up,

“So how did it go?” she asked. 

“It was the best night ever, he was such a gentlemen.” 

“Aw that’s so cute!”she said. I laughed as I started to get ready for bed. 

“So what did you do tonight?” I asked her. 

“Not much Hannah came over so I hung out with her, and then once she left I thought I’d stay up and see how your date went.” 

“Anny you didn’t have to stay up-”

“No are you kidding me my best friend went on a date with Niall freakin Horan” she exclaimed.  I laughed

“I love you Anny”

“Love you too,” she said as she gave me a hug.  

”Night Anny,”

“Good night Mrs. Horan,” she smiled.

 Once I was ready to go to sleep, I laid down in my bed.  I thought about all that had happened today, today was so surreal.  I couldn’t believe I met Niall Horan, and for him to tell me he was falling for me gave me butterflies in my stomach.  I couldn’t fall asleep I was so incredibly head over heals for him.


Niall’s POV

Once I was back at the hotel, all the guys where up still. 

“Hey mate how’d it go?” Liam asked me. 

“It went well…I-I really like her.” 

“Aww guys look he’s blushing,” Liam teased.  I laughed

“Stop it Liam!”

“Alright c’mon Liam back off,” Louis interrupted. 

“Fine, fine but man you must really like her”

“Yeah I do.. a lot,” I say. 

“You know we only have a few more days here in Chicago then we have to leave, which means you’ll have to leave her.” Liam mentioned.  I sat down on the edge of the bed, and hid my face in my hands. 

“Liam’s right we’re in the middle of tour,” Harry said.

“What are you gonna do?” Louis asked. 

“I don’t know..I don’t know guys.” I said. 

“Well we’ll help you think of something,” Liam said. 

“Thanks guys.” 

Back to me:

I woke up, and checked my phone.  It was 9 a.m. I wondered what time the guys had their soundcheck.  I got out off bed, and threw my hair up in a messy bun.  I walked downstairs, and decided to grab a bowl of cereal.  I didn’t really sleep well last night, but I was so excited to see Niall again today!  Anny came into the kitchen

“Morning,” she said.

  “Morning,” I replied.

  “Someone looks tired, did you sleep well last night?” Anny asked me. 

“Kinda I just couldn’t stop thinking about- ”

“Niall?” she asked. 

I smiled “Yeah..”

“Do you have any plans with him today?”

“He invited me to their soundcheck.”

“Soundcheck?” Anny asked. 

“Yeah they’re on tour, and they have a concert tonight.” 

“Oh that sounds fun! What time is the sound check?” she asked. 

“I don’t know,” my phone buzzed.  I looked down, “Goodmorning! our soundcheck is at 12 today.  Paul will swing by to pick you up at your place, can’t wait to see you - Niall <3”  I smiled, and looked up at Anny.  “The soundcheck is at 12.” 

“That’s awesome,” she squealed. 

“Yeah…but..” then it hit me this meant I waas going to meet all of the guys today.  Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn.  “Oh my goodness..” I bit my lower lip. 

“What’s wrong?” Anny asked. 

“I just realized I’m going to meet all the guys today.” 

“Oh..” “What if they don’t like me?  What if…” I began to panic.

“Woah slow down..” Anny came over and gave me a hug.  “They’ll love you, you’ll be fine.” 


“But nothing stop your freaking yourself out, you have nothing to be worrried about.” she reassured me.

  “Okay,” I said.

“I’m so jealous you’ll be meeting Liam he’s so cute!” she said.  Liam was Liz’s favorite.  I nervously laughed

“Yeah.. I guess.”  We continued to talk, and I headed upstairs to start getting ready.

Niall’s POV

I texted Liz, and then decided to get out of bed. All the guys where all ready up.  I got dressed, and headed into the kitchen. 

“Hey look whose up!” Louis called.

  “Niall” Harry said.

  “Morning guys,” I walked over to get breakfast. 

“How’d you sleep Niall.. unless you where up all night thinking about Liz,” Louis said. 

“I slept well thank you.” 

“I’m sure you did,” Louis replied.

All the guys broke into laughter.

  “Guys c’mon,” I said. 

“Sorry man we’re just messin with you,” Liam replied. 

“So when do we get to meet the lucky girl?” Zayn asked. 

“Today I invited her to the soundcheck for tonight’s concert.” 

“Trying to spend as much time wither her as you can?” Liam asked. 

“Basically,” I replied. 

“What’s she like?” he asked. 

“She’s really pretty, and I have the best time in the world with her, I feel like I can just be myself around her. ” I added.

 “Well we’re really excited to meet her!” Harry replied. 

I looked over at Zayn I notice he was really quiet.  I wondered what he thought about all of this.  Out of all the guys I worry about Zayn meeting Liz the most.  I wasn’t sure whether he’d like her or worse like her in the way I do.  Then again he is dating Perrie… 

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