My Name Is Kelly

Hello, my name is Kelly.
On so many websites, they let you introduce yourself on your profile...
On Movellas... This will allow me to introduce myself to the community.
Most of you don't know me at all... and that's normal.
Note that this was done out of boredom.... but will be continued. :)


2. Writing Favourites: As of March, 2013

Books in the World:

- Pretty Little Liars Series

- The Lying Game Series

- To Kill A Mockingbird

- The Hunger Games

- Hush, Hush Saga

- The Divergent Series

 - The Twilight Saga

- Macbeth (William Shakespeare)

- The adventures of Tom Sawyer


Books on Movellas:

- Cyber Louis : Anonymousxo

- Slave Auction : Rileyes

- Truly, Madly Deeply : Harryscoathanger

- At Stake : Scottie

- Victoriana : Sakura

- Only You : J.K., Shefancies1D, 

- Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes : Megan

- The Untamed Series : Jorgie

- Just The Baker Boy : Ana D.

- Could This Really Be Happening : CJMurry

- Pen Pal Series : Christie

- Stole My Heart : HazzaIsMyPrince 

*Note that at first I thought this was an all-fanfic-website. That's why there are so many fanfictions on the list. So many other favs that I don't remember. Tons of amazing movellas on here. 

Authors in the world:

- William Shakespeare

- Veronica Ross

- Sara Shepard

- Stephanie Meyer

- Suzanne Collins

- J.K. Rowling

- John Green

- Gayle Forman

- Eric Walters


Authors on Movellas:

- Emilyy

- Mrstomlinson1224

- J.K. Panesar

- LittleMsHollywood

- Diego<3 (Lia)

- Alix

- HazzaIsMyPrince

- WriterMan

- Sakura

- IceCreamGirl

- Rileyes

- Anonymousxo

- harryscoathanger

- Little Miss Nightlock

- Brooke c:

- Enya Sanders

- Kierstinnn

- Vesp (Not on anymore)

And everyone else on Movellas that used correct grammar/spelling/tense and has beautifully developed plots. :) Sorry if I missed anyone. None of these lists are in order. 

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