My Name Is Kelly

Hello, my name is Kelly.
On so many websites, they let you introduce yourself on your profile...
On Movellas... This will allow me to introduce myself to the community.
Most of you don't know me at all... and that's normal.
Note that this was done out of boredom.... but will be continued. :)


11. Things I'm Scared of : As of April, 2013

I don't know why but I'm scared of:

- Spiders. 8 little legs and they are so little but I scream and jump onto my bed or couch or anything off the ground when I see one. I'd show a picture.... but you guys would probably run away... unless you like spiders.... then that's different.

- Snakes. They may look small but they are long, slithering squiggles that scare me half to death. To this day, I still don't understand how people can be like Aww, I'm holding a snake!  Like they have a snake around their neck for god sakes! I'm terrified!

- Dentists. This might be stupid but I used to have a huge fear of dentists. They have these sharp and loud tools they use against your teeth or just generally in your mouth. I remember when I was 10 or 11, my mom wanted me to go to the dentist, but instead I pretended to sleep in and said I had a head ache to avoid going to the dentist! That was just to clean my teeth and check for cavities. Not even anything big. I feel so stupid looking back... but then again... I still really hate dentists.

- Bees. Oh my gosh. Those yellow and black stripped bees... It scares me in the summer when I want to go throw something out but then I see a swarm of bees flying around the top of the can. I scream. I literally scream.

- Cemeteries. This might be the weirdest fear of all. It's not like I'm scared of it... like I wouldn't scream if I saw a cemetery, but because I just don't like the feeling of being near one. I've known one deceased person in my life. It was my aunt's mother. She wasn't too close to me so I can't really relate. I've also never been to a funeral. I just feel like I hate death, or like being near anything to do with it. 


These are the 5 things I can think of off the top of my head.... Other than the basic ones like.... I'm scared of dying, scared of losing my parents/family, scared of getting into a car crash, etc. 

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