My Name Is Kelly

Hello, my name is Kelly.
On so many websites, they let you introduce yourself on your profile...
On Movellas... This will allow me to introduce myself to the community.
Most of you don't know me at all... and that's normal.
Note that this was done out of boredom.... but will be continued. :)


4. Friends: As of March, 2013

I'm not the type that is so jumpy when you first meet me. I remember how I met my friends. My school played first day bingo and I had no one to play with so I just stood there. The teacher then saw me and asked the whole class, "Who would like to show Kelly around at recess?" These two girls raised their hand. One was Jewish. One was Indian. 

They showed me around because they had been enrolled at the school since they were in junior kindergarten.

We quickly became friends. Names shall not be named but let's call them Mary (Indian) and Emma (Jewish). We talked and talked. Every single day. Then another girl, Austria, we'll call her. She was also Jewish. We quickly became what was called a pack. We always worked together on school projects. 

Little did we know we were back stabbing each other at the same time. We talk about one another to each other and it could be about horrible gossip or it could be something nice. But you'd never know. 

Then Austria slowly disintegrated from our friendship. That left Mary, Emma and me. We were still tight as ever and less gossip traveled. Most of the arguments and fights would be Emma versus Mary and I. We'd argue and then walk away from one another.

It's honestly still like that till now. It's always 2 vs 1. I was a follower in grade 4, up to grade 6. Then somehow people started to teach me to be independent. I started to speak for myself. My grades increased, I got to know more people. 

It was all good. In grade 6, Emma was put into another class, different from Mary and I. Our friendship slowly drifted apart.

In grade 7, it was brought back together because we were put in the same class, same with Austria.

We would all hang out and stuff but it was never the same as it was in grade 4. 

Now in grade 8... I feel as if Emma is trying to drag a barrier in between Mary and I's friendship. Mary and I would sometimes talk behind Emma's back and stuff but it would not be called "gossip." We both noticed how she was trying to break up the friendship. We started to trust Emma less and less. Now we both feel uncomfortable to confide to her about our secrets.



I've never told anyone about this ever.... I hope I can trust you guys. Of course I can xx -Kelly

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