My Name Is Kelly

Hello, my name is Kelly.
On so many websites, they let you introduce yourself on your profile...
On Movellas... This will allow me to introduce myself to the community.
Most of you don't know me at all... and that's normal.
Note that this was done out of boredom.... but will be continued. :)


6. Daily Life: As of March, 2013

I wake up at 8:00am.

I go to the washroom to brush my teeth. I then walk into my room to change into my day clothes. Then I go downstairs to have a cup of milk. I almost never brush my hair because it almost never tangles and it's straight. It goes down to my mid back. After I drink milk, my mom drives me to school. 

At school.... I have either music, geography or gym first period. Last period is English. I then walk home with my friend, Alex. (A girl.)

When I get home.... I say hey to my mom and then I go to my computer. It's my baby. I usually go on facebook and then youtube and then Movellas. I also have a line of websites I go on, but then it'd be too much. 

I also check my iPod to see if any emails or kik messages came in. Then I reply to the emails and the messages. 

I then do my homework if there is any. I play a game on my laptop. If I'm still awake, I like to read. I'm in love with a few books. You can check it out in Chapter 2. 

Then I take a shower and sleep.

Boring life. Don't blame me. xx


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