My Name Is Kelly

Hello, my name is Kelly.
On so many websites, they let you introduce yourself on your profile...
On Movellas... This will allow me to introduce myself to the community.
Most of you don't know me at all... and that's normal.
Note that this was done out of boredom.... but will be continued. :)


5. Crushes: As of March, 2013

Oh this is an embarrassing subject... 

My very first crush was in grade 4. His name was Shane. He had shaggy dirty-blonde to brown hair. He was a year older than me. So grade 5 at the time. Almost every single grade 4 and 5 was in love with him. I'm not even exaggerating! We would stay in and play with the cars. Sometimes we forgot it was outdoor recess and got in trouble by the teachers. I think I had a crush on him for like 2 years. 


Second.... Named Daniel.

He was also a year older. He was actually best friends with Shane. He moved to a private school when he was in grade 6. (I was in grade 5.) I liked him for about a year. I remember playing in the snow with him back in the days. Haha.


Third.... Named Daniel.

I liked him for about a day I think. I don't even remember why I liked him. He's a good friend now. But... I don't have "those" feelings for him. This one was actually my age.



Shall not be named because I feel like my friends are gonna read this.... He was sweet. We never talked at school, only online. He was not the cutest in the bunch. I didn't like him for his looks, I liked him because he was really easy to talk to. But now looking back at the old conversations.... I sounded so desperate for him.... He was also a year older. He's now in high school so I try to avoid talking to him on facebook.... how awkward.


This guy.... He's got the looks and the personality. He has like blondish hair. He's considered, "popular." But he's like one of the only nice ones there. I don't know. He's just a mix feeling for me.... He's my age :)


Awkward moment over. Peace out <3 LOL. Why would anyone want to know about my crushes? Hey! I'm just bored! So why not? xx


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