I Can't Believe It

Hey guys, I'm Ericajane and I'm Harry Styles sister. Yes, you heard me right sister to one-fifth of the world wide boyband. You think it's all fun and games? You think if a boy breaks my heart I can just pay someone to punch him in the face or i can buy anything i want? Wrong.
Rated Y for swearing.


5. Out On a Date

So, right now its Jan 2st. Louis decides to bring me to my favorite restaurant, The Ledbury. He reserved it to be private. (Honestly, idk what is...I just searched up "Good restaurants in London" :p)

~Magical Time Skip~

Before I can unbuckle my seat belt, he opens the door like a gentleman and says, "M'lady."

I give a small smile and hop out. Ohhh..I can smell the food already.

"Would you like a table, ma'm?" The waitress asks.

No we'll just sit on the goddamn floor.

"Yes please," I answer politely.

Me and Louis take our seats in a booth. While we wait for our order, we joke around, telling each other these random stupid stories.

"I wanted to see if I could really trust Harry," Louis said.

"So I went to the roof of my house and told him to catch me. I jumped and face planted on the ground. I guess he didnt hear me.."

The whole time I sat there laughing like a maniac. The waitress came with our food, but quickly left when she saw me.

~Another Magical Time Skip because Im a lazy fat arse~

We finished eating our food. Then Louis said,

"Uhh, Erica. I know Ive known you for a short amount of time, but whenever I spend time with you, Im just really happy. I'm not good with words but, will you be my girlfriend?"

In my head Im thinking, Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck!

I didnt have anything else to say but, "Y-Yes..!"

It was about to get awkward, so I leaned in to give him a small kiss.

He grinned widely and paid. It was already 6 pm. He grabbed me and carried me bridal style to the car. I was still dazed from what he just said to me. Im just like, HELL YEAH. We stayed at home waiting for the rest of the boys to come back from who knows where. Right then, they came back. Turns out they saw us at Ledbury, "got jealous of my hot girlfriend" -as Louis puts it- , and went to a strip club. I shook my head.

"Erica does not approve," Niall whispered to Harry.

Louis told them that we're together now, and Harry made this weird face. I just flicked it off, thinking it was nothing. About a couple hours of staying away from Harry later -and having a great time with the boys-, I left.

I drove back home and plopped onto my bed, rethinking about what happened today. Best day ever!! And fell asleep.





Authors Note:

After TEN WHOLE MONTHS I finally cameback! c:

What? You dont give a fuq?

Well, fine them. *almost crying* See if I care.

Haha, jking (Im soo bad at jokes ;w;). I didnt really try or take time on this one so, sorry if its bad. I'll try my best next time and try to post more often! Also, Harry is gonna be the bad guy here. Dont worry I luv him too!

Luv yall! <3 Buh-Byez

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