I Can't Believe It

Hey guys, I'm Ericajane and I'm Harry Styles sister. Yes, you heard me right sister to one-fifth of the world wide boyband. You think it's all fun and games? You think if a boy breaks my heart I can just pay someone to punch him in the face or i can buy anything i want? Wrong.
Rated Y for swearing.


1. A Little Bout' Me

Hey, I'm Ericajane but you can call me Erica. I'm Harry Styles sister as you guess. So, I'll tell you a bit about myself.  I have brown hair, brown eyes, and my skin is a very light brown, you could say. My story is that I was the "goody goody" to everyone. At least, not until Harry won the X Factor. Nooo, they always said something like, "Oh, Harry has such good manners. What happened to you?" or "You should be more like Harry."  Harry this, Harry that, so i decided to run away from home. I packed my clothes, took some of mum's money, and jumped out the window. My room isnt that far from the ground. Well.... I twisted my ankle, so maybe it is a bit too far. So anyways, that's my story. But thing get a little interesting from there.






So.. was my intro good? If you want more pleeeeaaase like and comment about it. It's my first movella so don't hate. Thanks for taking the time reading it!      Eris~

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