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6. #3 personal Imgine for Lauren






Zayn Imagines he gets Jealous of one of the boys ??::::::


 For Lauren 

            Laren hurry we are going to meet the boys at the club and you arent ready !Zayn yelled from the bottom of the stairs you came down with a short black dress and yuor new heels once you reached the bottom Zayn just stared at yuo up and down he then scratch his back of his neck erm...ah...Lauren 

Lauren: yeah zayn do i look good you said fixing your dress

Zayn; yeah its just that um dont you think its too short

Lauren: am not wearing jeans and lets go Zayn 

Zayn: what ever i just emnt to 

Lauren: lets go boo

Zayn; *sigh * fine 

           once you went to the night club you and Zayn dance you feet hurt so you went and sat down then Niall came towards you he sat down next to you and bought you a drink 

Niall: so whats up with you today

Lauren: ..Zayn

Niall: the same thing ??? again..

Lauren: yeah the same thing 

Niall: well um here you go while zayn dance away and talk to fans you sat there lie if you weren't with him because he didnt seem like it Niall left and once you stood up Some guy touch your but .__. you turn around and gasp the guy flirted with you Zayn had no clue then Niall comes all protected you thank him and once you guys stood up someone push Niall towards you and he fell on top of you you both laugh then Niall eyes looked at you with love eyes 

Niall: you look really gorgeous today Lauren

lauren: thanks you dont look bad yourself you said in a nervous laugh niall complement you more and more you guys stood up and Niall then swung his arm on your shoulder you were shock Niall whisper in your ear for a kiss then Zayn notice and came to you guys he got in between you too

Zayn: Lauren what are you doing with Niall

Lauren: nothing he jus-

Zayn; i saw everything and you didn't do nothing about it 

Niall: oho yeah i forgot you to were dating then forget what i said

Zayn : what did he say 

Lauren; nothing zayn 

Zayn; then grab your waist and pull you close with a kiss that made Niall groan and left while you two got out Zayn said something to Niall while he hug and then gave him a death glare you too got home 

Zayn: Lauren ?

Lauren: yeah ?

zayn: do yuo like Niall?

Lauren: well yeah but not in a loooovy way you said

Zayn; oho then never mind?

lauren: you too cute when your jealous Malik you said as you gave him a   peck on the lips 


 sorry its short and may be crappy but hope you like it ^.^~ Alesia 

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