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3. #3 Divorce



Louis Imagine ::::: 

                       it was your little girls play at her school, her blue eyes the same as louis the smile of your and her brown hair from louis she was a just a little perfect angel, she was playing the princess in the play you put on your green dress and your black heels your daughter came to your room she needed help putting her dress you helped her even though she was 5 years old she thought she could  you were  waiting for louis to come you looked at your watch i\hes going to be here you had been having problems with Louis coming home late rumors about him cheating you didnt believe any of them even though your thoughts did you Melissa grab yuor hand and led you you downstairs you took your car keys and your purse and left the house hoping Louis will catch up in the school.... you  took a seat in the front and saved one for louis your daughter came and put a note on it " To daddy" and a smiling face as the play began Louis wasn't there  you saw Melissa looking out the curtains peeking at the empty seat Louis wasn't there the play began then ended soon ...Louis got home and saw your note about the play he instantly went towards the  school...once the play ended you and melissa went for some ice cream to cheer her up 

you: Melly cheer up and eat your ice cream you were a really pretty Princess 

Melly: daddy said he was going to come he promise yesterday  ,, you sigh and looked around you tried to cheer her up but it was no use ...once louis reach the school the janitor was cleaning up he then went to he front row and saw the note he smile but the smile disappear since he just notice that he missed his daughters play .. when yuo and Melly got home she went staright to her room and played with her dolls it was late Louis finally came the door swung open and there was Louis Drunk like he always does  you stood there with your hand cross he went closer to you and he tried to kiss you but you dodge it he grab your wrist and  tried to kiss you again you 

Louis; why wont you kiss me dammit

you: Louis we need to talk we go with your bullshit again i can do what i want whenever the hell i want you were  stun you then reply"fine then i want the divorce' his eyes widened  he shook his head 

Louis; nope he then fell asleep after a few days talk with your lawyer you and Louis were facing each other in the table you handed him the paper but he kept pushing them away

Louis; do you want me to sigh this because your wrong i aint sighing shit y/n 

you: just do it Louis

Louis: why huh i still think we can work this out 

you: you told me you didn't love me no more you said it every time you came home and me dumb i believed you loved me i shouldn't know all those rumor all of this things they said about you were true 

Louis: ...still am not sighing this 

you: it finally took you some papers to figure you loved me ??

Louis: no it took being an asshole to figure i didn't want to loose you or MY daughter 

you: idk louis but Melissa and i are leaving today we are going to my moms before you say anything you can visit us when ever you want bye you left Louis was heartbroken it past a couple weeks and he still didnt sighn anything yuo were on yuor bed crying all this time the Louis that yuo once loved was gone a few days past and Louis came to the house he told you he loved you and he wanted to see Melissa once he talk to her he went closer to you and kissed you you didnt protest  with that kiss you reminisce all thsoe beautiful years with him ..................................................................... 


 Hope you guys liked it  and remember comment below your name and what you want  your situation to be thanks ....

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