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2. #2 Jealous(short sorry)




 #2 Niall imagine  ::::: 

You ran your fingers down the straw of your cold drink Niall was infront of you smiling at you the whole time but he seemed to be distracted he seem looking in back of you you wen tot eh restroom took the napkin and wipe your mouth and left to the bathroom you applied make up and went back when you sat down Niall kept looking in the same direction you finally turn around and some red hair girl winking at niall and niall laugh you got mad and threw your napkin at niall you went into the bathroom when you came back the waiter was giving a note to niall  after a few minutes of cooling off you went and sat back down you order your drink Niall left and went to the bathroom you look at the napkin you look at it it has a phone number :o was all you could do you kept your cool until niall came then once you two left you took yuor drink niall went first then you made sure you ripped that napkin once niall wa sout the door you dump your half full ice drink on the girl you smile and she just gasp then you leave with Niall outside and walk holding hands 

you: remind me to never come to this place again

Niall: yeah that girl was creepy and you were pretty jealous babe he chuckle 

You: well i might be afraid of loosing the most important thing in my life

Niall: i love you Princess

you: i love you too nialler 

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