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1. #1 Lonely




 Zayn Imagine sad  ::: 

                             its your 20th birthday you have everything done zany was going to walk through that door give you  a bear hug and a kiss you put on your short blue dress you brush you took a seat in your room you look in the mirror you grab the mascara and took the brush and brush your eyes lashes and you saw them darken and the look longer you took your pink  lip palm you un did the cap and  you put some on your wonderful lips you put some blush you look wonderful you got up and look one more time every one is going to be here the boys your best friend "Carol'(me ) you then brush your dress for the last 5th time you walk downstairs you took the cupacakes out of the oven the fresh smell of chocolate everything was set up the chips the music after a couple of minutes everyone came except Zany  you sat on the bar stool waiting and you kept yuor eyes at the door the music was loud the lights everyone seem happy expect you "He promise he said he was going to be here " "he said hell be here " then hours past still no Zayn  carol approach you with her boyfriend Niall they both came and gave you a gift 

Carol & Niall" Happy birthday Y/N ! 

you: oho thanks guys Niall have you seen Zayn 

Niall: nope am sorry he left like 3 hours early he said he had some business and left 

You: oho thanks enjoy the party 

Niall: you cook good by the way i love your food 

you; thanks little did you know that Zayn was with some girl in bed  not only but with one of your friends 



   Catiel(random name): hey Zany boo

Zayn: yeah catiel 

Catiel: when are you going to dump her 

Zayn:...i dont know i mean 

Catiel: you dont know anything about her do you Zany 

Zayn; why do you say that i mean i do we have been together since 3 years 

Catiel: today is your little girlfriends birthday 

Zayn: what!!

Catiel: yup shah wow zayn sure you know about her  

   Zayn knew he wouldn't make it even though your house was 4 houses away he just stood there shock 


you waited you kept your eye at the door wishing hell come with his "am right here smile " time ticking ,

You; i cant believe he didn't show up watching everyone dance and laugh you ran at the bathroom you cried on the floor everything seem to be in slow motion theres was one thing missing Zayn you hear knocks ont he door 

Carol: Y/N you okay there

you:.... you sob quietly your make p running you look in the mirror you wipe the pink lip balm with you hand wich was smear to your cheek you tug you hair out you cried you couldn't believe it the one you loved the one you cared the most was the only one that didnt show up 

Carol: am coming in 

you: Carol open the door and saw you on the floor she picked you up she wiped your tears she fixed your hair and look at your eyes 

Carol: Y/N he maybe was running late maybe he is going to sho-

you: he isn't going to Carol he is not coming i know that  lets just get this over with , to you it seem like the whole world crash your heart drop to the floor "why Zayn why today" the lghts glisen and made you look sparkly  your make up running you still came out to the party everyone laugh and dance and ate (Niall) you wanted to dissapear you kept looking around the room that momen tyou knew he wasnt going to show up  some hours past it wasnt the 1st time Zayn left you hanging you felt a deep sinking feeling you sat there in your blue nice party dress you faked a smile then a couple minutes people were singing happy birthday all your guest sang to you didnt blew the candle after hours 

Carol: am so sorry y/n but listen he doesn't deserve your tears and again happy birthday 

you : you waited on the living room  Zayn you should've been there you would made me happy for the 1st time why didnt you show up you always miss my birthdays you said you would be here , the crown Carol got you for your birthday rain pour it was very rainy your ran outside (very dramatic) you ran outside in the rain your dress ruin in the mud your hair all messed up and yuor crown half hanging all yuor make up running and you crying thne you saw plop on the grass and cried you tug the grass out you tug your hair you took you hand and rub it on yor face wich made it messy the rain pour you open your eyes and saw a familiar faces in catiel house yuo saw Zayn making out with her your friend in yuor face you look closer you stood there more hot tears fell down your face you stood there yuor body freezing your eyes tired from all the crying your dress muddy you make up running yuoyr face dirty also your dress your nice shoes dirty and the necklace he gave you on your birthday Zayn was half Naked while he was kissing her he glance and the window he saw you he them push catiel off him and he open the door you stare at him with anger your fist turn intoa  ball you then forcebly took the Necklace with a heart he had one too matching he gave you that when you guys met you ripped it off oyur neck the small diamonds fell from you neck to the floor you threw at  the floor infront of him he grab your dress nearly hanging and took the top and hold it with one hand you kick your shoes off and ran towards the house he pick it up and ran towards you he grab your wrist and spin you around he then said he then kissed you you pulled away and slap him him force another kiss you stop him before he can you wen into the house and lock your self in your bathroom you rip the dress off that he bought for you you change into sweats and a tank top and soem Vans you took a  sports bag and put all his stuff there that moment you took a deep breathe and instead of his things you took your things you slam the door and a photo of you and zayn fell of the wall and smash into peiaces you then took your favorite photo of Zayn thats one where he is giving you a piggy back ride and you smiling with your lovely shorts and shirt he boguth matching with superman shirts you took it zayn was outside waitinfg for you you took your car keys red mustang and you saw zayn in the door the moment he saw you he stood up "hey am sorry" you just walk past him you went inside the car the rain pouring freezing you wiped your tears you zayn stood my your passenger seat you wiped your tear sob a little bit and smile you took that picutre and rip it in half  you roll the window and threw it once you drove away the photo fell on the water teared apart zayn goes and grabs it he pulls his hair like Zac Efron in the movie lucky one and cries he goes inside and just cries you on the other side you cant think right you car steer you stop it right on time you then think for a while you then drove you weren't sure were you were going ............


  What do you guys think its my first one ever so i hope you guys like them please comment request and tell how do you feel thanks should  i continue it .........

                                                                                  to be continue maybe 

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