The Boy Down the Road

Emma O'Neill lives in New York City, the city of bright lights, loud noises, and thousands of people. Her parents are getting tired of the loud city life and they have decided to move to Mullingar, Ireland for peace and quite. In Ireland, Emma feels alone, the one American girl in the crowd, untill she meets her new neighbor, down the road, Niall Horan. Together they learn from each other, and experience life with one another.


2. The Adventure Begins


Emma's POV:


       I looked down at my worn out Toms I got a summer ago, the stiching was torn and tattered showing part of my big toe. I looked around me, confused and barley able to stand up, with the amount of people around me running around to catch their flights.

"I don't want to be here!" I groaned as my mom pulled one of her many huge suitcases around a family with about a billion kids. "Emma, I already told you we needed something different. Put on a smile and enjoy are new family adventure".

I looked at her stunned. Just a year ago she would never dream of leaving the luxury of our beautiful penthouse in New York, with the perfect location and everything. Now she had turned into some kind of monster that just wanted to ruin my life.

"What ever" I said making it sound like I don't care, when in reality I was going to cry a river.


We waited for what seemed like a week, in the crowded waiting area where we would eventually board our flights. "Flight Number 406 to Dublin, Ireland, will be taking off in a half hour, passangers may begin to take their seats".

We quickly got up with our what seemed like thousands of carry ons to the first class section of the plane. "Hello Honey, would you like a complementry ice cream?" I looked up from the ground, (which I realized that I had been doing a lot latley) and at the flight attendant.

"No thanks" I said quietly. I looked back down at my old shoes hoping she'd go to someone else, when I noticed that she suddenly sat down in the empty seat next to me.

"What's the matter sweety?" she looked at me with sorrowful eyes. I was about to say "nothing" when I decided that I would just tell her everything, because honestly she was the only person that I could talk to.

"Honestly everything" I said looking up at her, and finally seeing her face. I realized that she was actually very pretty and she didn't look that much older then me.

After I had told her about evrything, I seriously felt better feeling a sense of comfort. I knew that by telling this flight attendant my story wouldn't change the outcome in any way which I was secretly hoping, but I felt so much better.

"Maybe" I thought, I could do this.


"We will be landing momentarily in Dublin airport, all passengers make sure you have your seat belts on". "W-what?" I had just woken up and was exhausted.

We got off the plane and got our luggage, and then everything was a blur, of tiredness. A couple hours later we pulled into the driveway of our new house in  Mullingar, "oh joy".

I started getting some of my stuff from the truck and I noticed  a blond boy tending to some horses, down the road." Well... at least we have a neighbor" I thought while I looked down this lonely looking dirt road.








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