The Boy Down the Road

Emma O'Neill lives in New York City, the city of bright lights, loud noises, and thousands of people. Her parents are getting tired of the loud city life and they have decided to move to Mullingar, Ireland for peace and quite. In Ireland, Emma feels alone, the one American girl in the crowd, untill she meets her new neighbor, down the road, Niall Horan. Together they learn from each other, and experience life with one another.


5. Midnight Rides


Niall's POV:

It was 3 am and I still couldn't fall asleep. All I could think about was Emma. I decided that I might as well do something then just lying in bed board out of my mind.

I grabbed my jacket, and ran out of the house into the back field. "Hi zipper" I said to my chestnut brown horse who I've had ever since I was little. "Let's go for a little ride" I said climbing up on him and starting to trot around the field. You know how people think better when there in the shower? Not me, I tend to just think while I'm just riding along, for hours.

All of a sudden a weird rustling noise came from one of the bushes on the far end of the field. "Its okay, Zipper, whoa, whoa, down Zipper. Zipper starts getting spooked, and honestly it's kind of scaring me too, it didn't sound like a cat, or a fox.

All of a sudden a black human form comes from out of the brush, "What the hell?" I said as I see it coming closer, it looks like......

"Hey" said Emma. "Shit! Emma!", "hey" I said kind of shocked that she was in the field at half three in the morning. I got off Zipper, because he was still nervous and moving around. "What ar-" I made out before she cut me off.

"I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk and I saw you. Umm I just wanted to say sorry about today. I really am a little over dramatic about things like that and honestly I know you didn't mean to do anything and-  just kiss me" she said so fast, that I stood there in shock.

She leaned in and we kissed. It was light at first like we were testing it out but, it got harder. Her tongue asked for entry, and I let it in, moving our tongues around together as one.

Emma started to touch my hair and twirl it around in her fingers going even harder. It was absolutely magical. After a while she broke away. "I have to ask you something" she said nervously. "Anything princess" I said. "Can you never leave me?" she said looking down. "You're the nicest guy I have ever met", she said. "Emma, never in a million years am I going to leave you, your my girl and my everything". I said while I kissed her again.


I opened my eyes and I was really confused where I was. I turned over and Emma was laid up on my stomach. I realized that we must have fallen asleep on the field last night after we started to just talk.

I checked my phone from my jacket, it was 11:00. Oh shit, I have to meet the boys for football practice. "Emma" I said trying to get her up, she started to flutter her eyes startled by my sudden voice. Her big beautiful green orbs stared up at me and a huge smile came across her face.

"Hey beautiful" I said, starting to get up, pulling her up with me. "Hey blondie" she said with a smirk. "I really have to get going, I've got football practice at half eleven.

"Really! Can I come?!" she said excitedly. I was kind of shocked that she wanted to watch our practice, she didn't seem like the kind of person that would find it fun to watch a bunch of sweaty guys playing Gaelic football.

"Okay princess!" I said as we walked inside to get ready.






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