The Boy Down the Road

Emma O'Neill lives in New York City, the city of bright lights, loud noises, and thousands of people. Her parents are getting tired of the loud city life and they have decided to move to Mullingar, Ireland for peace and quite. In Ireland, Emma feels alone, the one American girl in the crowd, untill she meets her new neighbor, down the road, Niall Horan. Together they learn from each other, and experience life with one another.


3. Meeting the Blond Boy


Emma's POV:

"Everywhere I go, all there are is mud, cows, and these annoying plants that really hurt when you touch them!" I was absolutely going crazy! It's been a week since we moved to this little town and all I've been doing is sitting around my room.

"Honey, why don't you go outside and embrace the nature, maybe even be social?" said my mom. "God mom! Why are you being such a hippie don't you miss our home back in New York?" I am absolutely losing sanity.

"Of course I do, but your going to have fun here, trust me." said my mom.

"Fine" I said, as a stormed out of our little house feeling hopeless as ever.

Honestly I had no idea what I was going to do. "Well, I guess I might as well walk into town, at least there are living, breathing people there" I said, talking to myself.


"Excuse me, are you paying with cash or credit" said the clerk to a local market. 'Umm, credit please" I still didn't have any euros yet so I had to pay for everything with my credit card. I wanted to pick up some crunchies, these amazing Irish candies that I haven't had since I was really little.

"Excuse me, where is the nearest café from here?" I asked a blond boy who was looking at some magazines at the market. I was craving a good cup of coffee.

"Oh yeah, there's one down the street a little" said the blond boy. Suddenly I  realized it was the same blond boy I saw looking at the horses a couple of days ago.

"Oh, wait, did you just move into the house on Prairie road?" said the blond boy

"Yeah", I said a little shy, he was really cute, I never really studied his face. "You live down the road, right? I mean I saw you with some horses a couple of days ago" I said. I felt so weird, I had such a hard time talking to this boy.

" Yeah! I was going to come over and introduce myself but I was just so busy, My names Niall Horan by the way hahaha!"

His laugh is so perfect! " Oh it's fine, my names Emma O'Neill.

"Hey, do you want to come with me to the café I was actually heading there now." He said.

I noticed that he started turning a little red, was he nervous?

"That would be great" I said a little relieved that I finally had a friend.







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