The Boy Down the Road

Emma O'Neill lives in New York City, the city of bright lights, loud noises, and thousands of people. Her parents are getting tired of the loud city life and they have decided to move to Mullingar, Ireland for peace and quite. In Ireland, Emma feels alone, the one American girl in the crowd, untill she meets her new neighbor, down the road, Niall Horan. Together they learn from each other, and experience life with one another.


4. Many Emotions


Niall's POV:

We walked into the café, and I ordered one hot chocolate for me, (I've always hated coffee) and one coffee for Emma.

Honestly, I was really nervous talking to her, she just has this special quality that I really haven't seen in any girl I've met. " are you liking Mullingar so far, I mean its probably nothing compared to America" I said trying not to sound to pathetic and nervous.

"Oh its really nice here, I think I miss New York though it's just so different" she said with her beautiful green orbs piercing right through me. She's just so confident.

We started talking about everything for the next couple of hours, from Ireland, to America, to family, to friends, to even our personal feelings and more.

I looked down at my phone and it was already 4:00, we were here talking for 3 hours! I absolutely didn't regret one minuet of it, she is just so fun to talk to and she has a great personality.

I think I'm beginning to fall right for her, "Hey Emma" I said with a smirk, her beautiful long brown hair with red high lights turned to face me and I leaned in and kissed her. 


   Emma's POV:

   I turned around from talking to the waitress, and Niall was a centimeter from my face. We kissed. I had just met the guy, and we kissed!? I pulled away. "Niall! Shit! We just met and now your trying to fucking kiss me, what the hell!"

I was so mad at him, I've had so many bad experiences with relationships that I kind of don't want to get into another one, even though he is attractive. "I'm sorry Emma, I shouldn't have done that! I really didn't mean to, I mean I did Ughh! Look, your just so beautiful I couldn't help it" said Niall.

"Please, just leave me alone Niall, we freaking just met" I am almost in tears as I get my bag and start out the door, I don't know maybe I'm being dramatic but I just can't.

 I start walking down the town street, until I hear loud fast stomps coming from behind me.

"Leave me alone Niall!" I said, desperately as I start sprinting around a sharp turn and fall, straight on my butt. Why do I have to be such a clutz?


        Niall's POV:

  "Please stop! I need to talk to you!" I am a pretty good runner so I easily caught up to Emma, and I saw her fall right on her bum.

"Oh shit! Emma! Are you okay!? Please be okay!" I said a little worried because it was a pretty hard fall. "I fine" she said with annoyance in her voice. I helped her up anyway. "Please talk to me" I begged.

"What! Niall, let me go! I really don't want to talk to you, your just a jerk who probably gets with girls all the time, and make your move on them.  It's disgusting." said Emma, with tears in her sea green eyes.

"Emma, I never do that, and please listen to me. The only reason I kissed you was because I'm absolutely in love with you, even though we met today. When you first spoke to me, I was taken aback by your beauty, and when we were talking in the café for hours, I realized that you have a beautiful personality also. You're the most loveliest person I have ever met in my entire life". I paused. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" I desperately stared at her, knowing that I had just poured my heart out to her.

She stared right back to me with her usual clear green eyes, that are now misty. " Well, I don't know... I've never really thought about it. I don't know. Niall, Do you really mean all that, what you just said?" she asked with hopeful eyes. "Yeah, of course I do" I said with no hesitation, as I pulled her into a hug. "And by the way, love at first sight is defiantly real." I said with a cheeky smile.

"Hahaha! Maybe so! Look, I'm sorry I'm just sensitive. I think that your perfect, and honestly I feel the same way about you, but please slow down I'm kind of broken when it comes to relationships." said Emma.

"Its okay princess, I will never hurt you, I'm always here for you. I said "Thanks Niall" said Emma with the cutest laugh I've ever heard. "I like that" she said with the cutest laugh I've ever heard.

"Come on, I'll take you home" I said. But I couldn't stop thinking about why she was so sensitive. What happened with her other relationships?











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