The Boy Down the Road

Emma O'Neill lives in New York City, the city of bright lights, loud noises, and thousands of people. Her parents are getting tired of the loud city life and they have decided to move to Mullingar, Ireland for peace and quite. In Ireland, Emma feels alone, the one American girl in the crowd, untill she meets her new neighbor, down the road, Niall Horan. Together they learn from each other, and experience life with one another.


1. Big News



Emma's POV:

             What? We're moving? The words didn't make any sense to me, WE. ARE. MOVING. I had to keep saying it, over and over again in tell I understood.

"Wha-Why? I can't leave the city, it's my home! I've always lived here!"

"Honey", my mom walked over to me puting her arm around my shoulder.

I wouldn't let her be all comforting and lovey dovey, when in reality a moving truck was getting ready to raid our house and pack up everything.

"Emma, please listen to us", said my dad pleadingly. "We figured that it's best to get out of this huge, never resting city".

"We've lived here our whole lives and now, your mother and I have decided it's best for a change"." Do you understand, Emma?"

"No. No. No. No. NO!"  I can't believe this! "Wh-Where are we even moving, I mean if you don' t want to be in the city where are we going to live?"

"Umm, well honey, we've decided to move somewhere very simple, but before we tell you don't freak out!" said my mother.


"A small town in Mullingar, Ireland" said my father.

"Oh... My...... God...... We're moving to a different country, a country with nothing but potatoes, and cows?" WHAT!" Our family is Irish but we never went to visit any family over there because my parents weren't very close to them.

I couldn't breath, my heart was racing, and all I could think about was the huge lump forming in my throat. I'm 17 years old and I've literally lived in NYC my WHOLE LIFE! Now my parents are randomly deciding to move? What?!

"When are we leaving?" I asked, scared out of my mind.

"Thursday, in 3 days" said my dad. "Relax, just think of the whole thing as an adventure! It'll be fun, and you can meet all those cousins you have over there!

"Yay" I just can't wait! WooHooo!

"Stop with the attitude Emma! I don't care, what you think, you are part of this family and you will do what we say!" said my mother.

"Ugh! Please, No!" I couldn't take this anymore!

I ran into my room, crying hysterically. Why did they plan this so last minute? All my friends, I'll probably never see them again!

I officially couldn't stand them! "I HATE MY LIFE!" I blurted out in hope that they'd hear me from my room up stairs. We live in a huge penthouse right outside Central Park. That's one of the annoying things about my family, we're rich. My father owns 5 hotels, and my mother has her own cooking show, "Cooking with Ellen O'Niell". They're never around, so for the most part I've been raising myself for the passed 17 years.

 I should have known that this was happening, my parents weren't at work all passed week and they kept talking quietly to themselves, but honestly I didn't think anything of it. Since we're moving I guess they're actually going to find jobs in Ireland.

I hated the idea of just dropping everything and starting over. They obviously don't know Emma O'Niell if they think I'm going to be the perfect daughter, and run away with them.

Everyone I know, thinks of me as "Oh, that's Emma O'Niell the smart and quite girl that doesn't do anythg bad". If we're really moving, I'm changing everything about me.

"Get ready Ireland because I'm gonna rock your world".


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