violence vs reality

I was born and raised in Southern California, my dad is Australia and my mom was born in Tennessee. I'm 17 years old, my family is rich, well in a way they are. I get abused by my parents all the time, they threaten me if I ever told anyone I'd get it. Get it? What does that even mean? Does it mean that they'll kill me? Well I don't know, I really hate my life at the moment, my boyfriend well... His name is Drake and he's a controlling type, if I don’t do anything he says well bad things happen. Hi there, I'm Ashton this is my story.


18. justin's career

Ashton pov.

I asked the doctor for another test, because it’s impossible. I don’t have a bump or anything. I may had symptoms but why not the bump? I sat there waiting; wondering what could be the possibilities. Why Justin isn’t here with me, I understand he’s scared, but I am too, can’t he support me as well, after all he got me pregnant.  The doctor came back in, “I’m sorry, but you are indeed in fact pregnant,” my heart sunk my life is doomed.  I cried in agony, how can I be pregnant, we use protection all the time, I sniff.  This whole thing will cost Justin his career, that can’t happen he needs this career, he’s been through it for years, and this baby can’t bring him down. The fact his fans don’t even like me, this will make things worse, like WORSE! They will send me death threatens or more, I can’t do this. I heard Justin and Pattie walk in the room, I looked up. I was a wreck, she didn’t need to see me like this, “Pattie,” I was crying. She came over and hugged me, Justin wouldn’t come anywhere near me, it was like I was a complete stranger to him. Pattie rubbed my back, “shh, it’s okay. Justin told me that you may be pregnant,” I looked at her, “no, I am they did two test and I’m officially pregnant,” I saw Justin’s face he wasn’t happy. “Oh dear, its okay I had a child young too. I will support you both, there’s no need for this,” Pattie said clearly. I saw Justin walk out, I can’t have a boyfriend who won’t look at me or give me any affection, he’s the one that got us in this position he needs to support me on this. I’m getting heck annoyed, “why won’t he talk to me or anything?” I asked Pattie, “He’s not happy, he thinks it’s going to kill his career, it won’t we will make sure of it,” I knew it I said to myself. I want to talk to him, but I can’t. This has to be the worst day of my life, I’m having a child to Justin, we are young and still not matured much… yet... “I’ll go grab him for you so you too can sort this out,” Pattie had said walking out the room.


Justin's Pov

Ashton is pregnant, I’m sitting outside the room trying to block everything out. I’ve been using protection, but why has this come to a conclusion. I need to go for an escape of this city and just leave for a vacation, I need to know that my life is what it seems is okay, do I need to give up my career as a singer and raise my child with Ashton, or leave Ashton to persuade my career as a singer so I don’t get in trouble from thousands of people. I love Ashton but I just can’t handle raising a child while I have a tour coming up for a year and a half max, I will never be able to be around the child, I won’t be a good dad like if I would be I will be supporting my girlfriend but I can’t even do that.  My mom came and sat next to me, “Son, you have to go in there and support Ashton, she needs you,” she said trying to convince me, I was unsure on what I have to do and what my values are. I don’t want to go in there an upset Ashton more, I don’t do that, “I can’t, I’m scared,” I said looking at mom. He pulled me into a hug, I cried, “She is to son, you guys need to go through this together, don’t ditch her like how your father did to me, be that amazing boy I raised up to be and support her,” she said. I nodded, I walked inside. I couldn’t stand to look and give her affection, but I had to and I’m going to. I sat on the bed, gave her a hug, “I’m sorry,” I said with a sniff to go along with it, I continued speaking, “I am scared that my career is ruined, I keep making choices to myself on whether I should give up now and help you raise the child or I move away from everyone,” I looked at her, I could see she was furious at me but she has every right to me. I could see in her eyes that she was mad at me but she didn’t speak of it, “baby, I love you but we are having a child, you can’t ditch this kid you impregnated me, you accept the consequences. I want to be a family, I am scared as well, not just you Justin, please don’t run away from your problems,” that she was correct, I can’t run away from problems, I will regret it all.

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