violence vs reality

I was born and raised in Southern California, my dad is Australia and my mom was born in Tennessee. I'm 17 years old, my family is rich, well in a way they are. I get abused by my parents all the time, they threaten me if I ever told anyone I'd get it. Get it? What does that even mean? Does it mean that they'll kill me? Well I don't know, I really hate my life at the moment, my boyfriend well... His name is Drake and he's a controlling type, if I don’t do anything he says well bad things happen. Hi there, I'm Ashton this is my story.


13. in the studio

I was finally released to go home, finally to have my freedom back with no hassles with my life. The Police came in yesterday to get a statement off me and asked me how long Jamie has been doing all this and who else was involved. Now the fact he’s gone I am lucky enough to finally have a normal life style, Jamie’s gone and so are my parents, behind jail cells. This day has been the most amazing days of my life, I thank my new family for that.  I’ve realized that being in this position throughout made me realize I should appreciate my life more than anyone could comprehend, I’ve been through hell and back and I’m still alive, I’d love to give credit to myself. Justin helped me get back on my feet again, he’s such a caring boyfriend I’m so lucky. I walked to the car, with Pattie holding my belongings, she’s sacrificed so much for me to see me happy again, and I am so much blessed to have in my life. I got in the car, I hugged Justin with so much love.


We arrived home after we got some McDonalds, I was that hungry I was practically starving of starvation, do you realize how bad hospital food is, it’s like you’re eating paper, it was like so gross so I refused to eat until I got some real food in me. I am so happy to be home, it felt like forever. Justin helped me get out and walked me inside, so good to be inside. I ran upstairs to fix myself up, I was a wreck but It’s cute because Justin always says I looked beautiful even though I look like a mess, I mean, what does he see in such unattractive person that’s not pretty when she’s a wreck, but hey, he puts up with me and I like that. Justin knocked on the door, “can I come in,” he said, “Yes babe,” I opened the door and pulled him in, I kissed him gently. “I love you Justin, thank you for being there for me,” I said looking into his beautiful brown eyes, “I love you too Ashton, it’s okay we are good now, nothing more,” he said removing hair out of my face, he lifted up my chin and kissed me again, “I’m going to the studio, would you like to accompany me? I nodded “may I have a quick shower please, I haven’t had a decent one in two days,” I said laughing. He nodded and left the room. I grabbed my razors, shaving cream and some cleaning clothing. I went into to the shower and turned it on.


After I had my shower, I had brushed my teeth and done my hair in a bun. I had put on high-waist shorts and a cute crop-top on. I ran downstairs and yelled ready. Justin looked at me with shine in his eyes, I guess he likes what he sees, I just smiled. We walked to his car, so shiny I thought to myself. As he drove down the road, his song came on the radio, I pumped it up and sang along “IF I WAS YOUR BOYFRIEND,” he looked at me funny, but laughed and sang along. Yeah, I got a free concert, jealous? He looked at me, I told him to keep his eyes on the road, he frowned but did as he was told. I kept singing along to his music, “you’re really good Ashton,” he said smiling. Oh, wow. I can sing? I sung his song in front of the Justin Bieber and he thinks I’m good, that just shocked me out of my head, I didn’t know what to expect, I was actually expecting “No, stop your horrible,” but no, he said I’m good, I was honored. “Thank you,” I said with a smile. I could never compete with Justin, no one can, he’s his own person and he’s the best. He’s astounded many around the world, and that’s an incredible accomplishment and I’m very proud of him. 


We arrived at the studio, I saw usher and scooter, wow they look even better in real life like aw? No joke.  I had to greet usher, he was one of my many favorite artist, “Hi, I’m Ashton it’s lovely to meet you,” I said politely, he looked at me and then looked at Justin. He gave him a high-five, “She seems great little bro, and it’s nice to meet you Ashton,” he smiled at me. I can die now, I’m kidding. I followed Justin into the studio, he was creating a new album called Believe I’ve haven’t heard any yet, but I’m surely looking forward to hearing it. He went into the recording studio and sang his first track All Around The World, the beat was magic, it had wicked sound to it. Knowing myself, I had to groove along, it was so much fun! I’ve never been in a studio before this is my first time, it was an amazing experience just to be here supporting my boyfriend, it’s perfect.

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