violence vs reality

I was born and raised in Southern California, my dad is Australia and my mom was born in Tennessee. I'm 17 years old, my family is rich, well in a way they are. I get abused by my parents all the time, they threaten me if I ever told anyone I'd get it. Get it? What does that even mean? Does it mean that they'll kill me? Well I don't know, I really hate my life at the moment, my boyfriend well... His name is Drake and he's a controlling type, if I don’t do anything he says well bad things happen. Hi there, I'm Ashton this is my story.


25. chaz and his girlfriend

We were tired, I was tired but most of all, this baby was driving me insane. I can’t sleep, I can’t move, I can’t do anything without peanut inside me kidding me 24/7, what’s she unto trying to destroy my insides up, I need those. I really want her out, I want to hold her, I want her to see the world she’s never going to be expecting, but Justin will be a great dad, he will protect her from the worse things that will come to all of us, I love my little family and I’m looking forward to seeing this little girls bright little face looking at me. “Justin,” I forced myself to say, he looked at me with his worried eyes, they’re so cute I wish they were my eyes, I smiled at the thought of that. “Yes babe?” he said, he helped me sit up, my eyes are basically shutting, “Can we go home tomorrow, I can’t be here for any longer, I’m out of it dead in my head,” he pulls me in for a hug and rubs my back, he is so soothing, I can’t even put into words how amazing this guys is. He continued speaking, but planted a soft kiss my forehead, “I have to stay for a few days, but I will get Scooter to take you home okay, if that’s what you want?” I wanted to cry, why does he have to stay here, can’t he come home with me early? Not Sunday, its only 2 days early. He continued to speak again, “I have to go see Chaz, he wants me to meet his girlfriend for some reason,” he said, was she a fan? A dedicated belieber, oh dear.  I laid in his arms, I saw him grab his phone to dial scooters number, I grabbed it and ended it, “I want to stay with you, 2 more days then we can go,” I said looking at him, he nodded with confusion in his eyes, I fell asleep.


This morning, I had a little more energy, I went downstairs to see Chaz, Justin and a girl I wasn’t familiar with, she had gorgeous hair, dang it I want her hair. I walked  towards them, I saw Justin turn around with his eyes light up, his gorgeous brown eyes have the most beauty in them, gosh I love him so much! “Ashton, this is Chaz my best bro and his girlfriend Sarena,” I looked at them with a smile on my face, “it’s lovely to meet you both, I’m hungry I’ll be back in a tick,” I walked off to the kitchen to find some food, Sarena had followed me behind, she is absolutely gorgeous honestly, why don’t I look like her, oh well I am perfect too. “Hi, Ashton,” she smiled and continued speaking to me, “what’s it like dating the Justin Bieber,” she whispered to me, really she’s asking me that question? I guess I better give her what she wants, “yeah, alright you know same old same old, what would be nice if he took time off, but he’s like a regular boyfriend really,” I smile at the thought of that and the question surprised me, am I going to get this all the time or is it just today, well I guess I have to find out eventually. “Your sooooo lucky Ashton, it must be a dream,” oh my god can she shush already, I wanted to roll my eyes at her but that would be highly inappropriate so I nodded, “thank you but it’s just like having a normal boyfriend,” I walked off to Justin, he really must’ve missed his best friend honestly, I’ve never seen him talk so much in my life. I stand next to Justin, he puts his arm around me an whispers, “you feeling okay today?” he looks at me, I nod. I start eating a big packet of chips, everyone started laughing at me, and jeez can’t a pregnant woman eat some food? Sarena tried to take some chips, I didn’t let her “back off, my chips,” I poked my tongue out playfully, they start laughing again, I think my hunger has gone off the rails today.

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