Love at First Sight

Alyssa is 17 years old. Alyssa and her best friend Nancy go to see a 1D concert that is when Alyssa runs into Harry Styles while on her way to the bathroom. She is really shy so she just ran away from him but he thinks it's love at first sight. Will he ever find her?

(This is my first Movella so sorry if you hate it but I am trying)


3. Will he notice me?


Alyssa's point of view

I called Nancy."hello"I heard her say."Hey,you know last night at the concert well the only reason I was in a rush to leave was because I bumped into Harry Styles when I was going to the bathroom. I got nerves and just ran away."I said waiting for a reply."Hello Nancy" I said."You just ran away from him."She said kind of annoyed with me."Yeah,you know I am really shy so that's why I ran."I said nervously"Guess what Alyssa?" "What Nancy" I said."We are going to another 1D concert"."How did you get tickets" I said really happy."My parents finally got me some tickets"."Oh...but what if I run into Harry again?" "I don't know let me think oh yeah talk to him" "Okay...I'll try" "It's at 8 so be ready." "Okay bye i got to get ready" I hung up the phone. I took a shower and went in my closet and grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, a white shirt that says" I <3 1D" and a black leather jacket and put it on then I grabbed my keys and my purse. I sat on my porch waiting for Nancy when I started to think what am I going to say to him if I run into him? Will he like me or will he just ignore me? I am so scared then I heard a horn to a car honk. I got in the limo and off to the concert it was."Alyssa I have a surprise"Nancy said smiling "What is it". "I got us backstage passes"."That's not good what if he-" "That's why I got us backstage passes" "This is bad Nancy"."No it's not""Yes it is what if he just doesn't remember me"."Then you have nothing to worry about see".After the concert we went back stage. I just sat there silently until we were called in to asked them some question."Are you Alyssa and Nancy?". The body guard said."Yes" I said nervously."It's your turn" He said and showed us where there were.I sat down in a red chair that was really soft."I am Nancy" Nancy said blushing. "I-I-I'm...Alyssa" I said with a shaky voice."Do you guys have alot of parties?" I heard Nancy said quickly.

Harry's point of view

That was the girl from last time. Now I know her name her name is Alyssa. After 30 minutes of her friend asking questions it was over. I want to talk to her alone but I couldn't we had to answer more questions with some of are other fans,but I still ran after her.

Alyssa's point of view

"I knew he won't remember." I said just as we walk out the door."Alyssa"I heard a voice say. I turned around and there was Harry. I was just about to run away when Nancy walked me over to him."How do you know my name?" I asked blushing because I was nervous."Well you just told me it when we were talking backstage"."Oh yeah..Why did u call my name"."Because I just wanted to see if maybe you would want to come to dinner with me or something?"."Um...I-" that's when Nancy cut me off."She would love to".Harry pulled out a piece of paper and wrote his number on it and handed it to me. I took it and ran inside the car. "Are you going to call him?" Nancy asked."No...Maybe...I don't know"."Yes"."Fine I'll call him tomorrow"."No...tonight"."Okay" I said as I got out of the car. I took off my clothes and just got under the covers and kept thinking should I call him. Finally I decided to call him. It rang until I heard a voice. "Hello" "'s Alyssa". "Oh...So do you wanna go to a movie or something?"."Um..well sure I guess"."I'll pick you up at 10 oh yeah and text me your address". "No dont come pick me up i'll meet you there". "Okay..."


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