Love at First Sight

Alyssa is 17 years old. Alyssa and her best friend Nancy go to see a 1D concert that is when Alyssa runs into Harry Styles while on her way to the bathroom. She is really shy so she just ran away from him but he thinks it's love at first sight. Will he ever find her?

(This is my first Movella so sorry if you hate it but I am trying)


1. The concert

Alyssa's point of view

 I was at home on the computer updating my twitter when I got a call from Nancy."Hello"I said."Hey Alyssa wanna go to a One Direction concert with me?"."Yeah" I said in shock."I'll be at your house in an hour to come and get you...okay?"Nancy said. I was still in shock when I heard her repeat her self again."Alyssa I am coming to get you in an hour...okay?"."Yeah...I'll be ready". I went to take a shower when I left the bathroom it was cold in my room so I wrapped myself in my towel. I walked in to my huge closet and got a pair of pink skinny jeans and a black and pink  half shirt with a white tank top and put it on. I put a little bit of make-up on and put my stuff in my purse and grabbed my keys and then I heard a knock at my door I ran downstairs and answer the door."Hey Nancy" I said as I hugged her. " ready?". "Yep." I popped the "p"."Let's go". We got into the car and we sang Live While Your Young by One Direction. We drove for about 30 minutes and we were there we walk in and gave the man are tickets. I was amazed at how big the place was."Wow" Was all I could say. "Pretty cool huh?". "Yeah". We took a sit right in the front row and sat down."How did you get these tickets" I asked Nancy."My sister her friend gave them to her but she doesn't like One she gave them to me"She said. We stayed until the concert ended and then I was heading to the bathroom and ran into a boy with green eyes and nice brown hair. I looked to see Harry Styles."I'm so sorry I-" That's when he cut me off."Its alright"He put his hand out I grabbed it and he helped me up. Then I just ran off. "Let's go Nancy". "Okay...". The car ride was silent."Bye Nancy see you later"."Bye". I walked up to my room and took a shower and after I was done putting on some clothes I laid down on my bed. I fell to sleep eventually. I woke up the next morning to the sun in eyes. I got up and went to take a shower.

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