Love at First Sight

Alyssa is 17 years old. Alyssa and her best friend Nancy go to see a 1D concert that is when Alyssa runs into Harry Styles while on her way to the bathroom. She is really shy so she just ran away from him but he thinks it's love at first sight. Will he ever find her?

(This is my first Movella so sorry if you hate it but I am trying)


2. On my mind(Sorry its so short)

Harry's point of view

Who was that girl last night she was so beautiful. I was going to ask her what her name was but she just ran off. Did I scare her or something. "Harry" I hear Zayn say. "Yes Zayn?" I said kind of annoyed "What's up with you" he said "Nothing why would you think something was wrong?" "Because you keep staring off into space" "Just a little tired I guess." I walked upstairs and laid on my bed thinking about that girl. I wonder if I will ever see her again. Most likely not.Then I heard a knock at my door."Who is it?". "Me...Niall". "Come in" I said."What's up with you?" He said siting on my bed eating a bag of chips."Well last night at the concert when it was over a girl ran into me as I passed the bathroom she was so beautiful she had dark brown hair with blue eyes, it was like love at first sight"."What's her name?...Why don't you just go look her u-" Niall said just before I cut him off."I don't know her name, I helped her up and she just ran." "Maybe she is shy or something mate. Well we have rehearsals in an hour." "okay" I said. I sat on my bed just thinking about her for a whole hour. Then I heard knocking at my door."Come on Harry we have to go." It sounded like Louis' voice."Okay" I walked out of my room and got in the limo. The whole ride there I was just thinking about her.

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