Fighters of the night

Just a normal girl. In a normal world. when everything changed when Ava and her mom got in a car accident and her mom died. No one can protect her not even her long lost dad. She must fight for herself, her friends too. Danger is coming and there the only ones who can protect the world. They are the fighters of the night. The world is holding by one thread, Ava, Matt and Haley are the only ones who can save it.


2. The Change.

      As me a Matt walked in, Haley was laying there rolled up in a ball with fear and pain. "Haley! Haley Haley!" i ran up to her sat by her. "He changed me" She whispered. "What?" Me and Matt said at the same time. "Y-y-y-y-y..." She stuttered. "Haley spit it out." She screamed in pain. Matt was by her side. "Haley_he rubbed her arm- What do u mean by changed you." All the sudden my dad came in. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!" i said walking up to my dad my fists rolled up in ball, hotness in my cheeks. "I changed her" He shrugged his shoulders, like it was nothing! "Mr.smith- he pushed me aside softly- What Ava trying to say is her best friends is rolling in pain and why? what going on?" My dad sighed "I've, changed her and its your turn too. Your a warrior." My eyes widened as he snapped and grabbed my arm tightly. I tried pulling back. "DAD! stop what are you doing! stop!" He took a piece of metal and cut into my skin making and mark. It was a beautiful star with designs and swirls and dots and it glowed, bright blue like my eyes. Then the pain hit. It hit the wind outta me. My eyes widened i stared at Matt, with fear. He stared back at me. the stab ran all the way up my arm. I screamed in pain as the tattoos made designs, glowing bright blue blinding my eyes, it was like the sun. i fell to the ground. Screaming in pain. My dad starred at me, he saw the tattoos going all the way up my face glowing blue. i screamed in pain tears streaming down my face as the pain sharpened. i blindly looked at Matt., struggling to get his arm away. Then He screamed as my dad stabbed him. It was glowing bright green like his eyes. Matt fell to the floor passed out. it knocked the wind outta him. (Lucky) i screamed as i watched the tattoos expand they were larger than Matt's and Haley's. Haley watched me in horror. then the pain started getting stronger. it was like being stabbed. my vision got blurry of tears. then , my dad came up to me and kicked me in the head knocking me out. everything went black. 

      I woke up. i shot up, quickly. opening my eyes. Everything was blurred. i focused, on Matt he was standing up leaning against the counter, looking at his arm. Haley was still siting there rolled up in a ball rocking back and forth in fear. I breathed heavy. Matt noticed i was up, and walked towards me. i starred at him. He took a step back and looked at my body. i looked at my arms. There were tattoos everywhere. there were just blue not glowing. i stepped off my bed. i stared around. i looked in my mirror, and stared in horror. "My face, my arms, my body" I gasped. Matt held my shoulders and admired me. "You look beautiful i mean the tattoos there just amazing... there the same as your eyes. your strong, a fighter of the night" I gasped and my eyes widened. "a-a-a fighter of the night?" A tear gulped into my eye. "i want my normal life back i want my mom back i want my house back i want my friends back, my life i don't wanna be this stupid fighter of the night!" I screamed. Matt took a step back "your scared of me" i said. "what is this fighter of the night! UGH! i'm so confused!" my dad stepped in (great!) i balled my fist up and my temper raised my cheeks flushed and i breathed heavy. "calm down my sweet young, i'm going to tell you what you are." he gestured for me to sit. i slowly walked into my seat.

      "You are a fighter of the night. You have special powers so do your friends. But you are there leader that why you have more tattoos. your my daughter you have my blood in me. Matt's can bow and arrow. Haley is advanced  at knife throwing. you have all the talents, together you and your friends are going to protect this world from the danger that is coming soon. a darkness a danger that only you and your friends can win. A battle. Fighters of the night have been in this world for generations. it goes back into the 1800's when your great great great grandfather took my dad from me thus he created an army that only fought at night. They were the fighters of the night. they had special talents that could fight even the toughest guy in the world you look like an innocent girl but inside you a warrior who fights like never before seen. You must train, train till you pass out of exhaustion which is rare. you are strong. We must train now. Before its too late. come." 

Find Out next chapter where Ava Matt and Haley discover there powers. (: <3 much love ~Staci

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