Fighters of the night

Just a normal girl. In a normal world. when everything changed when Ava and her mom got in a car accident and her mom died. No one can protect her not even her long lost dad. She must fight for herself, her friends too. Danger is coming and there the only ones who can protect the world. They are the fighters of the night. The world is holding by one thread, Ava, Matt and Haley are the only ones who can save it.


3. Talents.

   I followed my dad, into a strange room. It was huge. The walls were metal and the whole floor was a big mat. there were courses set up everywhere, there were bow and arrows and targets and knifes and all the weapons u can think of except...guns. Were we really that strong? that we only used old timed weapons? i looked around and saw a rack of clothes. black leather leggings and a tight jackets that were black with a blue stripe going down the side. i tilted my head in confusion, there was another rack of clothes for Matt it was the same jackets and black jeans.

   "wow. its amazing." I whispered. my dad nodded his head. "Took years and years to build to perfection as technology advanced, we advanced. i walked to the rack of clothes. "What are these for?" Haley ran up to it  and jumping in excitement "OMG! leather!" i rolled my eyes and my dad handed me a jacket and a pair of the leather leggings. "Go change into your training clothes." My dad pushed my towards the bathrooms. "uh.." i stuttered i slowly walked towards the bathroom. i didn't wanna do this i wanted to go back home, i sighed and stepped in Haley right next to me. 

     "What, do u think it's gonna be like? Us as fighters omg i finally get the sexy toned shape i wanted in my body." I turned slowly towards her. "Haley, your okay with all this? You just wanna drop everything in your life for this stupid fighter of the night shit?! I wanna go home i want my mom back and your not supporting me in any way possible! I just lost my mom, i killed my mom. All you do is admire yourself all day! i mean look at me, i'm full of tattoos! tattoos i don't want! your impossible!" i turned and looked in the mirror tear gulping in my eyes, my nose turning red. Haley just stood there. "Just minutes ago you were shaking in fear whispering you wanted to go home, and now seconds later your okay with all this?!" i almost screamed. tears were streaming down my face now. "I-I'm sorry I didn't know you were so upset with all this, your amazing Ava look at your tattoos they match your eyes, i'm sorry you lost your mom. I don't know what i would do without my mother and now i've realized i'm not gonna see her for awhile. i know I've been a bitch lately and i wont hover over Matt anymore. I'm sorry." i just slowly turned away wiped my tears and walked into the stall and changed.

    "Ah, my sweet young you all look amazing!" My dad admired us. "okay, so who wants to go first? Ava?" my dad gestured me over. "I don't know what im supposed to do. you said i have multiple talents." I questioned. "Why don't you try bow and arrow like Matt's talent." my dad grabbed a bow and only one arrow... um okay i thought i was gonna need practice. He handed them to me and i grabbed them. I gasped as my mind automatically knew what to do it was like i knew since i was born. i slowly stepped up to the target. "uh.." i stuttered. "Go on, give it a shot." Matt encouraged me. i pulled the bow back, and aimed,  i held my breath closed my eyes and let go. i kept my eyes shut as i heard Matt gasp. I opened my eyes. I gasped i was in shock my arrow hit right in middle perfectly. "Impossible." i whispered. "Ah, but it is my dear, you have my blood. how about u try throwing knifes?" my dad asked. "Um.. okay." My dad grabbed me two knifes and i walked over to the targets. Again, my brain knew what to do. i aimed and threw the knife and it went right into the center. "wow, YOU GO GIRL!" Haley cheered. i chuckled and tried everything. climbing, sword fighting, i also tried my battle skills. Like movement and stuff,  i glided around as i practice frighted my dad. It was like i knew everything i had to do. "why don't you let your friends try?" my dad asked. i nodded and Haley squealed as she grabbed her throw knifes, Of course she got it perfect. Matt tried, he got it perfect to. I hugged him and congrats him. We trained for hours and hours until i was so tired i could sleep right there. My dad walked us to our cabin.

     I noticed there were other people here.other cabins. "Uh.., dad who are these people?" i asked. "They are also fighters of the night they all have special skills but you are the only one with all the skills." My dad spoke. i nodded and he led us to our cabin. It was beautiful it was an old country style cabin and the wood was golden brown. When we walked in, there was a hand knitted rug, a fire place, a bunk bed and a big bed. It also had two windows. the bed had hand knitted and hand sow quilts. There were amazing. "Which bed is whose " Haley asked eyeing the big bed. "Matt and Haley bunk beds and Ava my sweet ling you get the big bed my leader." I rolled my eyes as my dad spoke. I wasn't like the queen of the world. Haley disappointed walked up to the bunk bed and sat down. "Um, Where are our clothes?" Haley asked. Right, There. my dad pointed to the closet with me and Haley's and Matt's clothes all in  our kind of taste. "AHH!! its perfect omg! hollister clothes!" She looked threw the clothes grinning at all the clothes she loved. I sighed and saw mine were from hollister too, but i didn't really care what i had to wear. 

    I climbed in bed with pj's on and Haley had gross see threw shit on. She winked at Matt as he stared at her in disgust but also admiring her, he had boxers and t-shirt thank god he wasn't wear see threw shit too. i had shorts and a t-shirt i rolled in my bed and watched the fire slowly dim as my eyes drooped to sleep. 

Thanks sooo much for reading and find out what happens next tommrow night! 

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