Fighters of the night

Just a normal girl. In a normal world. when everything changed when Ava and her mom got in a car accident and her mom died. No one can protect her not even her long lost dad. She must fight for herself, her friends too. Danger is coming and there the only ones who can protect the world. They are the fighters of the night. The world is holding by one thread, Ava, Matt and Haley are the only ones who can save it.


4. Friends?

     *horn blows* "Everyone up get dressed in your fighting clothes. NOW!" I rolled over and moaned my muscles were sore. "ugh." Haley said. " 'I'm not ready for this early thing." Haley complained I opened my eyes to blinding sun "I'm so sore" Matt moaned. "Me too" I said. I rolled over and pushed me self up cringing to the pain of my muscles. I dragged my feet heavily to the bathroom. no shower. I looked at my hair it wasn't oily or nasty at all I sniffed my pits smelled clean. "Okay" I whispered. I brushed my Hair and did a little to makeup to cover my black eyes up. I yawned and looked threw my clothes to finding my fighting outfit thingy? Haley groaned and got up and dragged to the bathroom "Come on Matt get up" I laughed i felt like we were on vacation it was fun. "Only if you come up here and get here." He yawned then breathed out a chuckled. I heard Haley squeal. "NO showers! that's awesome! we don't have to waste our time showering i look amazing i look like my hair just dried after getting outta the shower! YEAH!!" I rolled my eyes. "Don't look Matt" I undressed. "You have a nice butt" He laughed. "Matt!" I screamed "I'm just kidding i'm not even looking chill out." He laughed and i sighed in relief. I stepped on a board so i could see Matt Laying there (What a bum.) "Get up you lazy bum" I slapped his abs. Matt moaned and rolled up in a ball. I yanked his blanket off "Hey! its cold up here." Matt Complained. "Maybe if you get up Mr.Lazy ill turn the fire on." I laughed. He jumped outta Bed and picked me up tickling me I squealed. "Stop it AHA stop it!" I laughed. I smacked his butt. "Now get your bum dressed." Haley came out with pounds of makeup on and her suit tight as her body. She popped her hips tried to show Her flat nothing off. I laughed at how she was trying so hard. I turn the fire on. Haley bit her lip as she saw Matt naked. i didn't look i just sat on my bed and looked out my window. What a whore she can be sometimes i swear. I bit my lip to the thought. I was being mean. ugh. Matt turned and I looked "Haha amazing" He laughed and we walked outside.

  I gasp as i look around people fighting, and sword fighting, bow hunting it as like a dream come true. What? What am i thinking i've never liked this stuff i swear i'm going crazy. My dad walked up to me. "Good morning. There's crumpets and orange juice in that building." I started walking and Matt and Haley followed. I walked in and it was silent. everyone was starring at me not Matt or Haley. Me. Just me. some looked scared some looked interested some looked amazing. i looked around and slowly walked over to the crumpets. i heard a girl whisper "Its her omg she looks amazing"I smiled and just kept walking i knew what they were talking about and who they were talking about. i finally spoke "I'm Ava you may know me as my dad daughter. i'm like the leader here or something.  you don't have to be afraid or scared or something else i guess just I'm a normal girl who is just as scared as you guys." A group of people were staring at my tattoos i walked silently and smirked. i grabbed my crumpet and sat down, next to a girl she had brown curly hair and was fairly skinny. She Smiled. "Hi, i'm Jessica. Your Ava right?" I nodded i loved how she took as if i was normal "Your tattoos look beautiful. ive heard you can do anything. Bow hunting sword fighting everything. This stuff amazes me." I smiled. " i guess so. That's what i heard from my dad." "i love your dad i was terrified at first but now i've been here for months i do miss my parents. You miss you mom?" She asked. I sighed "My moms dead she got killed in a car accident that's when i came her" I tried to smile. "I'm sorry We have been waiting for you. You dad told us a great warrior is coming. You really are amazing." Jessica smiled. "Thanks." I got up and sat next to a terrified boy sitting all alone. "Hey, may i sit here?" I asked smiling. "Oh, um sure." He shaked as he drank his orange juice. "I just got here this morning whats happening i'm terrified." He asked shaky. "Don't be scared honey, This is amazing i got here last night i'm still confused it all happened so fast. But ima help you get through it. Don't Worry in the end its gonna be okay. I promise." I held his hand and he relaxed. "Thanks your a life saver. I soon enough met everyone in the room they were all so sweet and kind and nice they got to know me its like they were my best friends. 

  Me And Matt and Haley Walked outside to training fighters of the night, i watched as girls and boys got bows straight in the middle and high five each other. I saw sword fighters cheer as they won the battle it was like a movie in my eyes, "Wow, It's Like a dream." I said dazed. "uh... Ava are you alright?" I snapped back into reality "Oh! uh yea just got side tracked." I said angrily and walked away. On my walk i met a girl named Livy. "Hi! i'm Livy" She giggled. "Um.. Hi i'm Ava." I said. "OH MY GOD your like tots the leader of this place ive heard so much about you.. girl since you like a queen aren't you rich? LETS GO SHOPPING!" She giggled. I raised one eyebrow. "uh.." She defiantly sound like Haley's kind of girl friend. I sighed. "Haley? would you come here for a sec?" Haley jogged over here. "Yea? Whats up. -she looked at Livy- OH! hey girl friend whatcha doing girl! Man you got some nice hair!" They both giggled i slowly walked away and walked to the archery place. I saw a really attractive guy and he smiled at me. I returned the smile and he walked up to me. "Hey, I'm Jake" I smiled. "Hi, I'm Ava" I greeted him. "Oh MY DEAR QUEEN! i bow down at your feet." He laughed "Just kidding." I laughed and we both talked for a while. 


Matt's P.O.V.*

    I walked down the green grass searching for Ava. I liked her so much i wanted her by my side. I tried to give her hints but she always shy's away and blushes. Haha when she blushes its so cute. I smirked at my thought. I all the sudden heard giggling And i looked and saw Haley walking up to me. Ugh. She can be so full of herself sometimes, I mean don't get me wrong her body is smoking but if she wasn't such a stuck up snob i might consider dating her but it would be the same as dating Ava. I felt arms tugging around my waist. I saw Haley there popping her hip out to show off her butt. "Hey, Matt" She said sweetly. "Hi Haley, have you seen Ava i'm trying to find her. She frowned and let go and sighed. "I saw her walking over to the archery place" she pointed forward. "Thanks, i'll see you later!" I waved goodbye and she smiled and went back to talking to some girl. I walked down and saw her talking to a boy, looked more better than me i frowned and walked up to her. 

Ava's P.O.V.*

I laughed and stared into Jake's eyes there were pretty green like Matt's... Oh god i forgot about Matt I felt a arm wrap around my waist. "Huh?" I looked up to see Matt smiling at me. "Hey pretty thing." I blushed "Hi Matt. This is my friend Jake i just met him." "Whats up man?" He let go and arm hugged Jake, i smiled that they were getting along. "Is this your girl friend?" I blushed, What was he going to say? "Almost." Matt winked at me i giggled. "Oh." Jake said. "Well i better get back to training. Mrs. Leader." I giggled. "haha thanks." I walked away and Matt followed "Nice boy. Worried he's gonna steal my girl." I laughed "Yea right." He laughed. "Well, What's next?" He asked. "I don't know. How about we look around a little more Get to know the place." He nodded and we spent the next few hours running around play fighting and discovering beautiful forests and lakes.

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