Stupid Feelings

Have you ever feel sometimes, that no one loves you? Or that you feel alone in this world… maybe that someone loves you but that love will disappear, or that person will leave? Well if you said yes to those questions, you know how I feel now. My name is Rachel James, I’m 17 years old, I go to Richmond high school, I only live with my grandmother, my parents had a car accident when I was 5 years old, my grandparents raised me since then. When I was 12 my grandfather had a heart attack, he didn’t survive. Now I live in Brighouse, England in a tiny house it seems old from the outside but it’s a beauty in the inside.


2. Chapter two

Louis’ POV

I like it when Rachel’s happy, she is most of the times, but her past is still in her heart, I try to make her forget it, but sometimes it’s impossible, she doesn’t deserve all this, all of those deadness and stuff, she’s a sweet girl and she deserves a lot her grandmother Nancy has a serious problem with her column, doctors say she won’t survive much time, that’s why Rachel stays and gives her all of her hours because her grandma is just one and time keeps by.

-"How’s your grandma?" I asked

-"She’s getting better" She smiled, but she tells me that every time I ask her about her grandma.

-"Oh absolutely wonderful" I smiled

-"Hey Guess what!" She said with her eyes full of joy

-"What?!" I smiled wider

-"My brother is coming, in 2 weeks!"

-"Oh really?" My smile faded away

-"Yeah!.. Is something wrong?" she didn’t understand

-"Yeah, everything is fine" I faked a smile

 Rachel’s brother Daren, is a 26 year guy who protects her so much, I bet he will stay here all winter to be with his Grandmother and spend some time with Rachel.

Rachel's POV


-"Yes Ray?" He looked at me

-"I have to get to class,  see ya later" I kissed his cheek

-"Sure" He got up and went to his locker

The day past so slow, I wanted to run away just for two reasons, 1. My grandma 2. Tommo. I guess you have seen Tommo, I mean Louis is my only best best friend, I don't have girl friends, here at my school every single girl is a bitch. I went out my history class and went directly to my locker left everything there and went to the main school door, there he was standing with his football team, they had red jackets.
-"Dude, she's here" The guy winked

-"Who?" He turned around "Oh hey Rach" He kissed my cheek and took my waist something that was really new to me

-"Hey, what are you doing" I faked a smile and whispered

-"He will get really jelous believe me" He said near my ear

-"What the heck?" I didn't understand later I saw him behind Louis smiling

-"Let's go" I started walking

-"What ever you say" He waved to the team and walked beside me

On our way I exploded

-"What the fuck were you thinking?" I yelled

-"Don't you like him?" He smirked

-"Yes, but it's impossible!" 


-"Never" I walked faster


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