Stupid Feelings

Have you ever feel sometimes, that no one loves you? Or that you feel alone in this world… maybe that someone loves you but that love will disappear, or that person will leave? Well if you said yes to those questions, you know how I feel now. My name is Rachel James, I’m 17 years old, I go to Richmond high school, I only live with my grandmother, my parents had a car accident when I was 5 years old, my grandparents raised me since then. When I was 12 my grandfather had a heart attack, he didn’t survive. Now I live in Brighouse, England in a tiny house it seems old from the outside but it’s a beauty in the inside.


3. Chapter 3

Louis' POV

That "Never" Kept in my head for a long time, why is she so negative? If she never tries, she'll never get it. He's a great guy but, Chelsea owns him. She's a bitch and he knows it, but he's with her because she won't let him go. I know that he thinks Rachel is pretty, because he has said it some times. 

-"Calm down"  Was the only thing I said

-"Calm down?" She stopped walking "CALM DOWN?!"

-"Yes, calm down" I said with my normal tone

-"YOU JUST TOOK MY WAIST" She said really freaked out

-"But I'm your best friend and you forgive and love me" I shrugged

-"I guess you're right. But do it again and I'll punch your face" She laughed

-"Okay, sorry!" I laughed too

We got to her house, I saw her grandma watching Tv, and she could bearly get up.

-"Don't try it" I said and I kissed her cheek

-"Hi Louis, how you've been?" She smiled

-"Really good! How about you?" 

-"My back hurts" She tried to point where

-"Don't try, I know where" I helped her 

-"Hey Granny!" Ray came in smiling

-"Hi Ray" She smiled

-"Sorry for  coming in after Louis, I had a gum stuck in my shoe, really disgusting" She made a strange face that made me laugh, se went to the kitchen

-"You two are a nice couple" Nancy said

-"Excuse me?"

-"She's in love with you" 

-"Really?"- I didn't believe it

-"Yes, really she told me" She smiled "Make her fall in love she needs love"

-"But I'm not the one... she's not in love with me"

-"She is" She nodded

-"Who is?" Rachel asked

-"The lady on the Tv is right" Nancy said I just laughed

-"Oh Granny!" She kissed her cheek

-"Well, I have to go see you tomorrow Ray" I hugged her

-"Oh okay bye" She kissed my cheek

I waved to her granny and left. I was shocked about what Nancy said.. Is she really in love with me or only thinks i'm hot? I can't blame her I'm pretty sexy, What am I saying? She's beautiful I can't deny it but she's not for me... She's for him...

I know it ,they have a lot in common, and I can see it in there eyes. But I have to get home early, I promised Lottie to take her to the mall.. oh girls.



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