Turn Your Face

What if one mistake could ruin everything. What if just because you turned your face and walked away you almost lost everything....just because of one stupid mistake...


1. Cross Ways

Chapter 1: Jade's POV

    I woke up the same as I do every morning to my alarm clock going off playing my favorite song...

'You're insecure don't know what for you're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or.'

  Yah I'm a directioner but only because my childhood best friend Liam Payne..yes THE Liam Payne is a part of it and I support him in everything he does even if it means he doesn't see me....or probably even remember my existence most likely.

  I slowly made my way out of bed stretching my muscles as I sat up. I lifted the duvet up and trudged over to the bathroom. I stripped down and stepped into the shower letting the warm water hit my back soothing my acing muscles. I grabbed my coconut scented shampoo and put a generous amount on my hand lathering it all over my hair then rinsing it out then doing the same thing with my conditioner. I quickly shaved my legs and  washed my body and rinsing off. I turned the shower off after I was completely done and stepping out into the bone chilling air of the bathroom. I quickly reached for my towel and quickly dried off and changing into my clothes you know the usual.

   I wore a pair of black leggings with a pair of high waisted red shorts and a 'Cool Kids Don't Dance' shirt, suspenders, and to finish it off a pair of white Supras. I opened the top drawer in my bathroom and pulled out my blow dryer and my baby blue straightener. I quickly plugged my blow dryer and straightener in and dried my hair then straightened it till it was pin straight. Just how I like it! I'm not that into make up so I just put on a little bit of eyeliner and mascara with some lip gloss.

   I looked at the clock 7:15! CRAP! I have to get the airport my mum and dad are coming today!! I ran to the door grabbing the keys to my Audi R8...oh yah. Best. Parents. Ever! Yah, but anyways I quickly hoped into my car heading off to the airport. 

   When I got there I looked for the gate that mum and dad were getting off of they were actually coming to visit me right after there vacation to America so it wasn't the usual gate they came from. Grrrr stupid tricky things!!


"Mum!!" I ran over to my mum pulling her into a big hug. I haven't seen my mum in 2 years since I left for Uni I missed her so much. I mean we did Skype and call each other all the time but it's just not the same.

"Feeling like the most loved dad in the world over here!" I pulled away from mum giggling at my dad.

"You know I love you too dad no one could ever replace you!" I pulled my dad into a huge bear hug and we stayed there hugging till I heard a familiar voice say my name.


"Liam!?" I said. I can't believe it's him. I missed him to much. I can't even believe he remembered me!

"You remembered me?"

"Of course how couldn't I remember you Jaja." I cringed at the sound of that nickname it was just so horrific!

"But your all big and famous now Lili-pooh!"

"Wow karma is a payne in the arse..ha see what I did there"

"I mean maybe a bit of big head now but yah know same old little Liam. I just can't believe that I ran into you here!"

"Me either! So why are you here in London?"

"Well I moved here about 2 years ago for Uni!"

"Oh! What are you majoring in?"

"Education I've always wanted to be an English teacher!"

"So...an English teacher with a voice sounds a lot like Zayn..."

"What do you mean with a voice Liam?"

"Oh c'mom you know you can sing you don't have to hide it Jade!"

"You know why I don't sing Liam it's just something I've never wanted to carry on with!"

"Okay, sorry, I know! Do you want to go meet the rest of the boys!"

"Yah!" I said with a 'duh!' face.

"So are you a 'directioner' as they say?"

"Only because your in the band. If you weren't in it yah I wouldn't!"

"Aaaw!" Right after Liam said that my ringtone went off...

''You're insecure don't know wh-'


"Hey Jade!"


"Yeah! We saw you were a little busy so we went ahead and got a cab and went back to our hotel, love you, bye" Even before I could say bye the line went dead.

"Who was that?"

"My mum."

"But I thought-"

"She said I looked a little busy so she said her and dad went ahead and got a cab and went back to there hotel...so are we going to see the boys now!?" I spoke to soon. As I looked forward I could see Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn running towards us.

"No running in the airport! What did I tell you guys!" Liam said sternly. Wow. Rawr daddy direction haha!

"We were just talking and then we heard some girls phone ring it was like..

'You're insecure don't know wh-' then it cut off! We have to get out of here before they find us!" Harry whisper shouted. I'm pretty sure my face is crimsons right now! Wow! This is sooo embarrassing I just want to go die in a hole.

"Oh my! Who's this pretty lady right here." Niall said in his mesmerizing Irish accent. I just stood there giggling instead of answering the question.

"Oh yah! Guys, this is my childhood bestfriend Jade! Jade this is well Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik."

"Nuh uh Liam you said it wrong!"

"What do you mean Louis!?"

"It's Louis 'The Tommo' Tomlinson!"

"Okay then this is-"

"No! You already blew it Payne!" Louis said strutting of woooow that boy and his sass. I was laying on the ground I was laughing so hard when I felt strong arms wrap around me and lift me up. My head quickly snapped around to see I was in Liam's arms...

"I just.. errr... thought... umm.. you wouldn't want to be on the ground it's not very comfortable you know?" I giggled slightly. He was so adorable he really hasn't changed.

"Can you give me a piggy back ride?" I said giving him my best puppy dog eyes.

"Those cursed eyes! Hop on!" He said turning around so I could jump on his back. After I was on Liam jumped to move me higher up his back. I rested my head into the crook of his neck breathing in his scent. He smelt so...nice. 

"You smell nice."


"I said you smell nice. You don't smell like boogers and dirt anymore."

"Ha ha. Very funny now I wasn't the only one that smelt like boogers and dirt and not to mention-"

"That was one time Liam! One time! I didn't see it! Stupid dog needs to watch where he does his business." I said trying to hide to smile playing at my lips.

"I told you to get a turtle!"

"I ain't getting no dang turtle those things are canniball's!"

"No they are not!"

"Says the boy that has a turtle with three feet because the other one bit off!" Liam never said anything back so I laid my head back into the crook of his neck falling into a dreamless sleep.

-----1 HOUR LATER-----
Liam's POV:

"Liam she's been asleep since we walked out of the airport I think it's time we wake her up" Harry said. He's said that about 20 times now and it's ticking me off! Why does he want her to be awake so bad!

"But she looks so beautiful in her sleep..." I said kind of going off into dream land. It was true though the way her eyelashes fanned perfectly across her cheeks and her cheeks became the perfect shade of pink and her hair tousled slightly it was just pure beauty.

"Liam. Snap out of it!"


"You zoned out mate."


"Were you thinking about her!?"

"No Jade is my best friend nothing more!" I said sternly yet disappointed. I knew it was true but the truth just hurt.

"You really like her don't you Liam?" Zayn asked in a whisper.

"Yah I really do it's just she'll never feel the same and if she does and we do date I don't want to ruin or friendship. I mean we haven't talked in years but it feels like we need stopped. It's just a special bond."

"Yah it is Liam. It's a special bond that only comes around every once and a while. I understand where you're coming from. Have you always felt this way about her though?"

"Well not always. It all started about the year before I went on The X Factor and we just spent that whole year doing everything together and I realized that I really like her. She just has such a sweet, caring personality and not to forgot how beautiful she is." I said rambling on and on about Jade. I mean how don't you she is just such an amazing person...

"That's really sweet Liam" 

"Hey Zayn?"

"Yah mate?"

"Can we just keep this between us?"

"Yah all the other boys left to the kitchen before we started talking so I'm pretty sure none of them heard."

"Okay" I heard rustling from the couch and my head snapped over. Phew it was only Jade turning in her sleep she does that a lot. Then I heard her day something. Something that I had to have only heard my head....

'I love you Liam' Then she hugged the pillow tight then kissed it real gentle like it was a person.

"Liam did you hear that?"

"Yah..." I said with a small smile tugging at the corner of my lips.

"Yah I did."

------- NEXT DAY -------
Jade's POV

"Wakey, wakey, Jaja!"


"No! I want to spend some quality time with my best friend!"


"Yah! Ha ha!"

"Oh my gosh I thought that all of yesterday was a dream but it's really you!!" I screamed jumping up and tackling Liam to the floor.

"Woah....what is going on in here?" Harry asked in a really strange voice.

"Go away you perv!" Harry ran away laughing himself into hysterics.

"So what shall we do today best friend?" Liam asked with an adorable smile on his face. I swear Liam is to adorable and sweet I think I'm worried for my health...ha! When have ever cared about health meh foods, foods what you eat, is what you eat and where I am going with this I. Don't. Know!

"Wait...that was Harry...WHERE AM I!!"

"You fell asleep
On my back yesterday when we were leaving the airport so we just brought you back here and laid you on the couch so you've been asleep since about 5:00 yesterday!"

"Wow! And what time is it now!!"

"11:00 am Jaja!"

"How could you let me sleep so long!! You know how much that's going to throw my sleep pattern off Lili!" I yelled. Out of everyone you think Liam would be the one concerned about sleep pattern but NOOOO!

"Jade it's ok it looks like you haven't had a good nights sleep in months what's been going on?" He asked with pure concern in his voice.

"It's okay I don't want to be a burden to you..."

"Woah. Woah. Woah. Who said you were a burden? No one! I really want to know? I'm worried about you Jade! I love you! Your my best friend your like my sister!" Why did it hurt so bad when he said he loved me then told me like a best friend and I was like his sister oh wait never mind I know it's because I'm secretly in love with my best friend. Yah I know lame but he's just so sweet- and what are you doing Jade knock it off! You can't think of him this way he's your best friend nothing more!

"It's just schools been really stressful and mums been badgering me everyday about how I can't get anything lower then a 4.0 GPA! Do you even know how hard that is to do. I'm up to my neck in homework and studying every night and with exams coming up it keeps getting worse."

"Hey. It's okay when are you exams again?"

"Next week why?"

"Well after all of your exams are over you should come spend a week with us help get the weight off of your shoulders so you can just let loose! FEEL FREE! Just please don't express in the way that Harry does..."

"You mean he really does do that!" I said in mock horror.

"Yup!" Liam said popping the P.

"Oh my gosh my virgin eyes!!!!" I screamed running through the house.

"What is wrong?" I heard Harry say. I turned around and covered my eyes quickly.




"Why? I feel so free!!" He said running away.

"Umm....maybe we should get going to spend our day out together?"

"Okay I'm just going to go get change then take a shower okay."

"Okay. Now hurry up I have a surprise planned!" Oh my! Liam's surprises scare me....


Okay chapter 1!! Crappy ending yes I know!! Vote please! Or don't I don't really care a votes a vote haha! Okay and just to let you now Jaja is supposed to be pronounced like Jayjay but yah Jaja works better!

-Emm¡  Mo

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