Heartbreak Hotel

Yohio is a Swedish 17 years old guy who has a big interest for Japan and Music. He likes everything that has something with Japan to do with and when he was around 10 years old, he started to learn, speaking japanease. Jennifer is a Swedish 15 years old girl who has a big interest for boybands, popstars and other celebs. She likes everything that has something with boys to do with. A new friendship relation starts after an fire accident at a store and what happens when they find out that the person they love, is cheating on them? Jennifer's boyfriend and Yohio's girlfriend? Are they dating? Who knows?


1. Heartbreak Hotel for the first time

Yohio's P.O.V:


''I can't belive it just happen. How could it happen? Why did it happen? Why did she do it to me? Does the World hate me? I don't know''

Memorys were flasching by in my head as tears were streaming down by my cheek's. Holding a photo of me and her. This I just saw, with my own eyes. My own girlfriend cheating on me with someone else. Why did this happen? What did I do wrong? Or was it really my fault? I ripped it in two pieces and threw it in the fireplace. Tears were still streaming by my cheeks as I stared at the fire, burning up the photo. It hurted so badly when I saw them together, kissing eachother like they are not dating someone else. I grabbed a pillow and threw it away. I stood up and ran into my room. I threw myself on my bed and burrows my face in my big, black pillow. Every single memory I had with her, is flasching through my mind. And it's so clear.


*Memory 1*


''Okay class! Listen up! On friday night it's the traditional spring ball at 8pm and I hope everyone got a date for it, but if you don't have one, you should hurry up Before it's to late'' the history teacher said. I thought to myself to get one. I look around and sees my crush. ''Yohio! psst! Yohio!'' my best friend Max whispers. I look at him. ''What?'' ''Who are you going with?'' he asks and blinks. ''No one yet, but I was about to ask Bailey after class'' I say. ''Oh, Bailey, good choice. She's really hot'' he says. I nod easly. ''Who are you going with Max?'' Another voice asks. It's Henry, my other bestfriend. ''Wait a minute'' Max says as he makes a paperball. He throws it on a blond, long hair girl.She turns around. ''What?'' she asks quitley. ''Angelica! 'Points at her' Do you wanna go on the ball 'dancing a little' with me? 'Points at himself''' Max asks her quietley. ''Yeah sure'' she says and smiles. ''I'm going with Angelica'' Max says to Henry. I look nervously at Bailey for a moment, then I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look at it and sees a hand. I look up and there stands my teacher. ''How does it going here Yohio?'' he asks. ''Good Mr.Daniels'' I say a little shaky in my voice. ''Good, then go on with your work'' my teacher says and walks away. I look at Bailey's direction again but then I can't see her. I feel someone knock on my shoulder and I turn around again. I jump up a little. Behind me stands Bailey. ''Hey Bailey'' I say cheeky. ''Hey, I was wondering if you would go with me on the ball, do you want to go with me?'' she asks and smiles. ''Yeah sure, I was actually thinking about to ask you'' I say and stands up infront of her. ''Really? That's great and cool, I was so nervous that you would say no or if you already had a date'' she say softly and giggles. ''I was nervous too, to ask you'' I say and smiles. ''Well, then we don't have to be nervous anymore'' she says, smiling bright. ''Yeah'' I say, smiling back. ''Then I'll see you later'' she says and winks, Walking back to her seat. I look after her and smiles.


*End of memory*


*Memory 2*


Now I have the chance to get my first kiss with Bailey. At the spring ball there we dancing close to eachother and there I can just stare into her beautiful brown eyes. A slow song comes on and I take her close to me. ''You're really Beautiful tonight Bailey'' I say to her. ''Thanks Yohio, you're beautiful too'' with her soft voice and sweet smile, I get weak. I smile a Little and looks down. I feel her hand putting up my head so I look into her Eyes again. She leans towards slowly and so do I. Our lips meets and it's heating up in my body. My heart is racing and I can't stop smiling in the kiss. We break apart after a while and it was magic, My biggest dream just happen. ''Bailey, do you wanna be my girlfriend?'' I ask straight out. ''Yes Yohio, yes'' she says and kisses me again.


*End of memory*


*Last memory*


I'm packing my bag with my school stuff and leaves. A few hours studying on the library felt good and when I open the door, to walk out I see someone familiar standing a few meters away. It's dark so I go closer and sees Bailey kissing another guy. ''Bailey?! Is that you? With Ben?'' I ask. She turns around and get's schocked. ''Yohio.. It's not like what it seems like'' she's trying to say. ''You are kissing Ben!! Infront of me, I saw you two'' I Yell. ''It's over Bailey, I'm breaking up with you'' I say and turns around, running away.


*End of memory*


I thought we had something special.... But I was wrong. So, fucking wrong. I got up from my bed to change clothes. I took off my t-shirt, jeans and socks, so I was only in my boxers. I got back at my bed and went to sleep. I needed to get her off of my mind. I needed to move on. So today I got to know how it feels when someone cheats on you. It hurts really badly.


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