I Found You

I have to find you. No matter what happens, I just have to find you. I felt so protected that night you saved me. I want you. I need you.


3. Just Tell Me

Bea's POV

"Who brought me here?" Dane asked me.

I wanted to tell her so bad but I know I couldn't.

"Me you silly. Who else would have brought you here?" I said hoping she would believe me. I am not good at keeping secrets.

She looked at me with a very confused face. Oh no. She knows I didn't bring her here.

"So you're telling me you're the strong arms that I felt carrying me, and you're the deep voice that I heard, and you're the one who got me out of my car?"

"Mhmm." I nodded.

She gave me her 'I know you're lying face' at me.

"What?" I asked her.

"Bea, I know you're lying. You stink at it so much. The first time you lied about eating my pizza I knew you were lying. Now I KNOW you are lying about this." She said to me. Oh man, she got me.

"Look keep it down. I will tell you everything when we get home ok?" I said. Gosh I am such a suck-up. Come on, she's my best friend, I have to tell her everything.

"Why not just tell me now?" Dane asked.

"Because the nurses will hear us and they are the ones that told me not to tell you." I said.

"Ok, ok. When will we be able to get out of here anyways?" She asked.

"Well the doctors still have to check you out but once they're done, we can leave." I told her.

A nurse came into the room and told me to go into the hall with her. She handed me a grey shirt that had a huge blood stain on it. Ew.

"This was around Dane's head when she arrived here. Does this belong to you?" The nurse asked.

I shook my head. "But I think I do know who's it is."

I walked back into the room and placed the shirt on the couch while I sat down.

"Whose is that?" Dane asked.

"I'll tell you later. Now can you please let me sleep? I'm really tired." I said while closing my eyes.

"Bea?" Dane asked.

"Hmmm?" I moaned.

"Can you come snuggle with me?" She asked.

I looked up and saw her with her puppy dog face on. I sighed and walked over to her motioning her to scoot over. I got underneath the covers and hugged her tight. Before we knew it we were both asleep.


Dane's POV

I woke up to the sound of Bea saying "Thank you for everything." to a nurse.

She looked over at me. "Hey sunshine."

"Hi there." I said giggling.

"Are you ready to go home?" She asked.

"Yesss. I'm dying to get out of here." I said while getting up but I was stopped by some chords on my arms and legs. The nurse took care of it and I finally got up.

"Lets go then." Bea said to me while we clinged our arms together.

We walked to Bea's car; she got in the driver's seat and I got in the passenger's seat.



"Can we go to Starbuck's?" I asked.

"Sure. This will be your little treat for getting out of the hospital safe." She laughed.

We pulled through the drive through and got our usual frappuccinos. We drove out of the drive through and headed to our nearby apartment. Bea and I have been best friends since middle school. We are pretty much sisters except for the whole blood related concept. We live in an apartment together waiting for college to start. We both graduated from high school this past year and moved to Los Angeles. She got accepted to a college in New York and I got accepted to a college in London. But we are still trying to figure that out.

We pull up to our apartment parking lot and start to walk to our door and go inside.

"Okay tell me everything. And I mean no lies, just tell me everything." I say to Bea once we are inside.

"Alright but only because you are my best friend. Lets sit down on the couch, because you are going to need to sit down for this." Bea says so we both sit down on the couch.

"Just tell me already." I say.

She hesitates. "Ok well first tell me the parts that you remember."

"I remember going to the bar, grinding with you, a drunk guy harassing me until I kicked his ass, beer all over my car, the accident, the strong arms, and the low voice."

"Wait a guy harassed you?" She said shocked.

"Yeah! But I showed him off!" I said.

"That's my girl!" She high fived me. "Anyways, do you remember the guy that was checking you out at the bar?"

I nodded slowly. I kind of know where this is going.

"Well...he was the one who brought you to the hospital. His name is Zayn. He didn't want to tell you though, don't ask me why." Bea said.

My heart dropped. I can't believe out of all of the people it was him. The one with the strong arms was him. The one with the low voice was him. The one I felt protected with was him. I wonder why he didn't want me to know though. Does he not like me?

"Are you alright?" Bea asked.

"Uh, yeah. I just, I don't know. It's hard to explain." I said nervously.

"Ok, well now that we have that out of the way, what do you want to do?" She asked.

"Let's go check our mail. I know we probably have some." I said.


We went outside to the building with everyone's room numbers on little slots with their mail in it. Our room number was 205. We pulled out or mail and I scanned through it and handed it to Bea to let her scan through it.

"Nothing important." She said.

"Same." I said.

We went to the nearby trashcan and threw it all away. I heard Bea gasp at what was in front of her. I looked up and saw the guy from the bar walking towards the mail building. Bea and I both ducked behind the trashcan so he couldn't see us. We both exchanged shocking looks and waited until he left. We stood up and couldn't believe what just happened.

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