For The Summer

I'm REALLY bad at writing these so.........

Well anyways, it's about Rachel and Harry and how they met and what they did.....


1. He's H-O-T-T hott




        "Finally! We're here!" Kenzie said kissing the ground. "Kenz, stop! People are staring!" I grabbed my bags and walked into our beach house. I got to the door and searched for my key. I found it in the bottom of my purse.I ran in and threw my bag on the floor. Kenzie walked in behind me, also throwing her bags. I ran to pick out my room. I picked the one with the pink walls. I ran in and jumped onto my bed and layed down, closing my eyes. I heard a loud thump and I got up. "Kenz? You okay?"I asked her trying to hold in my laughter. "No!"She said, sounding pained. I ran downstairs and found her on the floor. I laughed and grabbed my phone, taking pictures. I put them on Twitter. I grabbed her hand and helped her up. "Let's go to the beach." I said running to my bag. "Aight."She said getting her black bikini. I grabbed my puple one and ran to my room. I locked the door and got changed.  I put my hair in a messy bun, grabbed my sunglasses, and went downstairs. I put on my flip flops and waited for Kenzie. She walked down and we left. "Do you think there will be any hot guys there?"She asked me. "I hope.."I said. We finally got to the beach and found a place to sit. We layed out the towel and layed down. "Damn, he's H-O-T-T hott!"Kenzie said. "Oh they're H-O-T-T hott. I aid looking at the four boys around him. "Especially the one with the curly hair."We said in sync. "He's mine!"kenzie said. "We'll see about that."I said laying down. A ball rolled in front of us and Kenzie picked it up. I saw the hot one coming to get it. I stood up, and gave it to him. "Thanks."He said, smiling. "You're welcome."She said smiling back. "Do you want to hang out tonight?"He asked her. "Yeah sure!"She said. "My name is Harry by the way."He said. "Kenzie."She said smiling. "Meet me here at 8?"He asked. "Yeah sure."she said. "Okay I have to go. See you later."He said, walking away. She sat back down. "Crushed it."She said, sounding like Fat Amy. I laughed. We stayed for a few more hours. Before we got home we stopped for ice cream. We started walking home, and Kenzie's ice cream fell off of the cone. I laughed and held  mine out. She licked it and gave it back.  I rolled my eyes and started eating it again. "So, are you excited for your date?"I asked her laughing. Hell yaeh!"Shee said, We got home and  it was 6. "Go shower."I told her. "You don't wanna smell for your a, date."I said winking.

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