The Designated Driver

Nikki is a Party Girl. She's fresh out of college living in California having the time of her life! Talia the less daring of the two, she's her bestfriend and when she's had enough to drink, she's the designated driver. When they run into the famous Liam Payne and Niall Horan of One Direction will there be sparks? Or is a hook up strictly a hook up?


6. Unexpected Phone Call

My phone rings it's annoying ringtone and I notice it's a weird number calling. I think it might be Braden my talent scout so I answer it.

"Hey!" a cheery boy's voice ringing through my phone. "Can you hang up and face time me?"

"Sure" I say and dial the number before pressing the face time button.

I see a perky blonde boy's face show up on the screen smiling big. "Hey babe, how's things?" he says

"Things are good and you?"

"Fantastic" he cheers "So I'm thinking we should meet up again tonight" he winks

"Meet up as in hook up?"

"Nah, I want to take ya on a date if that's alright with you and then maybe get some later" he winks causing me to have a laughing fit.

"Unless one night was enough for you" he says causing me to laugh even more

"You're funny Horan" I say

"Well since you're already on camera get your friend and maybe give us a show?" he says putting the camera on both Liam and him.

"Show? You want us to strip? Nialler you're dreaming!" I laugh

He gives me a look of dissapproval. He shakes it off moments later.

"Eh, I gave it a shot" he says shrugging

"Nudes then?" Liam says

"Liam!" I gasp "So much for innocent!"

"Nah, I'd rather see that in person" Niall winks

"You guys are so gross" I say

"We're just funnin' with ya" Niall says

"I wouldn't really ...." Liam's face turns red

"Sure Payne... sure" I say hanging up laughing at those two idiots.

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