The Designated Driver

Nikki is a Party Girl. She's fresh out of college living in California having the time of her life! Talia the less daring of the two, she's her bestfriend and when she's had enough to drink, she's the designated driver. When they run into the famous Liam Payne and Niall Horan of One Direction will there be sparks? Or is a hook up strictly a hook up?


1. Nikki's Night Out.

"We're going to have so much fun!" Nikki says excitedly

"Well not me, I have to work tonight" I say

"Of course miss singer, You're really good you should really have a record deal by now"

"Well talent agents are coming tonight so I have to be on top of my game" I state "It's critical to my career"

"Yeah, the guys at the club love you; I see how they make googly eyes at you all the time" She winks

"yeah, a couple have tried to take me home" I say digusted "I won't allow it"

"yeah miss virgin at twenty two" she teases "How do you do it?"

"Self control" I simply state "You should try it some time" I laugh

"Hey, I have no self control when it comes to hot surfers" she laughs

"Of course you don't. Hey guess who else is supposed to be there tonight?"


"Our 'Boyfriends' from highschool aka Liam and Niall from One Direction"

"We were so desusional when we were younger" she laughs "We talked about them like they were our boyfriends"

"What if those fantasies came true though? It could happen?"

"yeah like I'm even gonna meet Liam" she says

"Yeah, like I'm really going to meet Niall"

It's a bit unrealistic but we grew up and now that band of boys is just a fond memory.

"You know they're still together?"

"I believe it; they seem like they're all best friends"

"yeah, that's how it seems"

"We're here!" I say stepping out of the car.


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